This Grandmother Reacted In The Cutest Way Possible To His Grandson Coming Out As Trans

This Is Genuine Family Goals

This is the cutest and most heartwarming story of the day, for real. Gavin a 20-year-old transgender man, came out to his 82-year-old granny and found the greatest supporter in the world. After realizing he wasn’t comfortable in the skin he was born and hearing about transgender people, Gavin came out to his granny and they have walked the journey together ever since.


Meet Gavin Cueto.

Gavin is a transgender man from Newport, Wales. He was born a girl and as a child, he used to dress like a “tomboy” and was bullied for it. His classmates used to bother him asking “Is that a boy or a girl?” For Gavin it was clear he was not comfortable being a girl, and he first realized he was transgender when he was 11. He was terrified to tell his mom so he turned into his best confident, his 83-year-old nana Elaine.

Image Credit: Mirror
Image Credit: Mirror

Opening up about it.

Elaine recalled the moment Gavin told her he wanted to be a boy. She said: “I’d been to skittles, come home, Gavin was staying the night and I’d had half a lager so I was tired and I was about to go to bed.Gavin came in wanting to talk to me. He said, ‘nan, I’ve got something to tell you. I want to be a boy’.”

Elaine’s initial response was  “I said, ‘Wouldn’t we all?’ We’d all like to be a man because they’ve got a better life than us.” But then she understood that her grandson didn’t actually feel a girl.

Image Credit: Mirror
Image Credit: Mirror

Supportive granny.

Gavin grew up struggling with his emotions and even became so depressed he self-harmed. Once he made the revelation to his granny she began to see the whole picture. Elaine said, “It made sense in a way, we knew there was something wrong, so it was nice then to know what it was so that we could help.”

After the initial confusion, Elaine was really supportive of her grandson’s revelation and kept it secret until he decided to open up to his mother.  These two are the most adorable things and the example of true love and support. Elaine ultimately chose Gavin’s name. Are they besties or what?

Image Credit: Mirror
Image Credit: Mirror

Discovering the journey.

Gavin was able to realize what happened to him after watching a trans man transition on TV. After watching TV series Hollyoaks, he saw a character’s journey to become a man and it was revealing.

He said, “I’d never heard of it before, so watching a character on telly juggling the same emotions as me was illuminating.” And so Gavin began his journey as part of the LBGT community with the support of his granny.

Image Credit: Mirror
Image Credit: Mirror

Beginning the journey.

As he grew up he became more and more depressed and it got even worse when he got to puberty and started growing boobs. At that point, he realized he couldn’t hide it from his family anymore, and decided to write a letter explaining the situation to them.

He wrote a four pages letter, explaining to them that he didn’t feel himself in his body and even said that he would understand if they didn’t want anything to do with him. The letter resulted in a joy for the family who gathered and supported Gavin.

Image Credit: Mirror
Image Credit: Mirror

Documenting the transition.

Gavin was referred to the Gender Identity Clinic at London’s Charing Cross Hospital in September 2016. He is now waiting for surgery to remove his breasts.

Gavin has documented his transition via Youtube. He said: “I hope that other trans people like myself can relate to my videos and I hope they can help people understand what it’s like to be trans and how much support we need.”

He also said, “I’m basically trying to put my story out there to help others understand and not judge straight away — for others to be educated.”

So awesome that he’s trying to help other as well as educate people. Not only Gavin is a huge example, but also his mother and granny are the best example of trans support and real love.

He recently made a Q&A video with his lovely granny which resulted in a tender video in which they discuss when Gavin came out and it’s just too adorable.

Source: BuzzFeed


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