This Girl Looks Like Real-Life Disney Princess Jasmine

A Whole New World Of Possibilities Has Opened

When I was a little girl, my ultimate fantasy was to meet Disney princesses (or becoming one, but that didn’t work out for me) but the only way to do it was to go to Magic Kingdom and spend the day with their look-alikes, they look really similar, but not exactly the same. Well, it turns out I wasted my time doing so because actually real life Disney princesses are walking between us.

Let me introduce you to Olayinka Mia Noel, she’s real life Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Alright, she’s a model, but she discovered she was Jasmine’s doppelganger when she dressed up for Halloween with her boyfriend as the fabulous couple.


The based in Atlanta model shared the pictures of the costume and blow us away with her similarities with the princess.

She nailed everything, from the hair to the makeup.

Guess who!? 👸🏾 #princessjasmine 🇬🇾 #Guyanese

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She looks like she just came out of the palace.

#PrincessJasmine this hairstyle took me forever😩 ! But it was well worth the effort. 👸🏾

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I wonder if she took a magic carpet ride instead of just asked for a Uber.

These girls make us wonder if there are other girls that look just like the idols of our fantasies.




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