Meet Esther The Pig Who Found A Forever Home In The Most Unexpected Way

Her Dad’s Never Saw That One Coming

There’s a certain awkwardness when it comes to talking about the animals that are part of the food industry. As we all feel that they’re adorable but also tasty. The debate goes on with many more intense arguments.

But to feel a pair of farmers from Canada, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walters, there is really no dispute about the topic. As they’ve experienced first hand what it feels for animals to be part of this process and how nasty it’s for them. Also, how hard it’s to know that a being that you love could’ve done in someone’s sandwich.

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Derek and Steve’s surprise.

Piggies are without a doubt an adorable animal. Even though you’re into them as a dish you have to admit that they’re lovely. That has lead to people developing through genetics mini pigs that are even cuter.

That is what Steve, fell for. After a friend of the couple offered them a mini pig as a pet. They named the swine Esther, but after watching her cropped tail and a visit to the vet they found out they got into a bigger deal than what they’ve initially expected.

(Warning the video contains some graphic images)

Huge Esther

After the vet revealed that Esther was going to be an average size pork Steve and Derek decided to record her growth. As she grew a pound a day, becoming a 650 pounds big girl. Also, they got to meet her personality and fell in love with her.

Watching her they also noticed that she’s incredibly smart. Due to the fact that she was doing some amazing stuff like opening doors, especially the fridge’s one. “Her intelligence surpassed the dogs instantly,” Derek said. All of this lead to them loving more their pet pig and deciding to find out where did she came from.

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Horrible fate.

The couple discovered that Esther came from a commercial farm. Since “it’s a very common practice to cut [pigs] tails off on commercial farms,” Jenkins stated. In their investigation process, they discovered the horrible truth behind the commercial pig farms and the process they do.

Discovering this “humane treatment,” the guys decided to be part of the solution instead of the problem. As for them, Esther is just like someone’s cat or dog, so they decided to found Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. Inspired by their pet they decided to save other animals from the slaughter house and other industries. Even though most of their rescued furry guys sleep outside, Esther is part of the family and sleeps inside.

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