Edgar Ramirez Complete Transformed Himself Into Gianni Versace For The Next Season Of American Crime Story

The Versace Story Fits Perfectly For The Third Season

By now, many of you may know that Edgar Ramirez was preparing himself to play murdered fashion icon, Gianni Versace, in the third season of ‘American Crime Story.’ Some pictures of the production have surfaced, and now you can see how he has fully morphed into the Italian fashion designer.

According to TMZ, the crew was recently filming in Miami Beach, Florida at the Versace Mansion, a.k.a. The Villa Casa Casuarina, where he was murdered in 1997 by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

Ramirez was spotted on the set, getting ready to shoot. He sported a black t-shirt, his dyed, gray hair, and the Italian’s typical three-day stubble. The Venezuelan actor resembles Versace so much it’s actually creepy.

Gianni Versace
Image Credit: Jerzy Dabrowski/ ZUMA Press; Splash News

Darren Criss Will Play Cunanan

Darren Criss and Ricky Martin were also seen on the set. The ‘Glee’ star will reincarnate Versace’s killer on the new season of Ryan Murphy’s crime drama, while Ricky Martin will play the role of Versace’s longtime partner, Antonio D’Amico.

Gianni Versace
Image Credit: AM/Splashnews

Penelope Cruz will also appear in the series as the designer’s sister, Donatella Versace. It was recently announced that Max Greenfield also joined the cast, but it has not been said which character the ‘New Girl’ star will play.

Versace’s story has always been a favorite for Murphy

The mastermind behind hits such as ‘Glee,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ and ‘Scream Queens’ spoke in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about he has always been interested in the designer’s murder. “I was always very moved and freaked out by the Versace assassination, and I thought it was a really great story to do because it’s a manhunt season. [Serial killer Andrew Cunanan] killed four people and then Versace, and was on the loose. We’re exploring the reasons of how he got away with being undetected.”

Murphy’s biggest concern is that for him, the murder should never have happened. “[Cunanan] should have been caught by then. But he wasn’t caught because he was targeting gay people, and people didn’t care. That’s why Gianni Versace was killed, for the most part… That is a true crime story in America, so we’re tackling that.”

Gianni Versace
Image Credit: Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic, FBI

The new season, based on the book ‘Vulgar Favors’ by Maureen Orth, will count on 10 episodes, following the three-month killing spree previous to Versace’s murder on the steps of his home, and conclude with Cunanan’s suicide in July 1997.

The first two seasons of ‘American Crime Story’ recalled the case of O.J. Simpson and the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. The last one, along the Versace season, will be aired next year.


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