Netflix Is Releasing A Death Note Movie This Year And We Are Kind Of Conflicted

Is It Good Or Just Another Failed Attempt?

Everyone wants to be in the movies. Or at least that someone makes one about something that you like. Since the way movies tell the stories aren’t only awesome. But because it makes them worldwide known, and everyone likes that their favorite things to be praised and known.

So for something to be part of a movie or have one of their own it has to be pretty epic. That is the case of Death Note, a manga that was a worldwide phenomenon in its moment. The story, besides the animation, was so good and popular that movies, merch, and even a musical came out.

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Live action movie.

Since the popularity of Death Note, both as a manga and an anime, took over the world for a while a new version of it is coming out. Now being Netflix in charge of the live-action film. Allowing Tsugumi Ohba’s creation now to reach new frontiers.

The epic plot consists in a highschooler, Light Turner, comes into possession of a book that kills anyone whose name is written in it. The book has been released into our world by a Shinigami (grim reaper) called Ryuk out of pure boredom. Light, the main character isn’t a saint either. Focusing the story on themes like death, unchecked power and morality.

Polemic statements.

Even though the movie will make many fans of the manga really happy there are others that didn’t take it well. Their main argument is that the film is whitewashing the story since the main characters in the Netflix version will be white. As also the story has been relocated from Tokyo to Seattle.

Since the main character Light Turner will be played by Nat Wolf, Ryuk by Willem Dafoe, Keith Stanfield as Light’s nemesis and Margaret Qualley will play Mia Sutton, a take on the original series’ Misa Amane. The movie will be directed by “Blair Witch Project” director Adam Wingard, who knows a couple of things about handling terror-related stories.

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The highest point.

Even though the direction the movie splits the fans into two sides, they all agree is that the decision of having Dafoe as Ryuk is perfect. Not only due to his characteristic wicked smile but also due to the characters he has played in his career. Getting all the fans pretty excited about it.

The movie will be released on Netflix on August 25th. Even though not everybody is really into it surely the movie will add many new fans to the story. Creating a new generation of Death Note fans and manga lovers.



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