Colossal Teaser Is Here And Anne Hathaway Is Kind Of A Monster

The movie industry is without a doubt one of the biggest of all. Also is one of the most beloved. As it entertain us and gives us the amazing stars that are so admired. Satisfying every person’s tastes and craves. Since they count with all the possible genres.

But as well one of the best things about the films are their stories. That connect with us, appealing to our emotions and lives. Making this the reason why so many people love the movies.

Image Credit: Neon
Image Credit: Neon


Between the many movie genres that exist, each one has its particular trait and story. But there is always one every time or so that brakes with that pattern and becomes a cult piece. As it seems that this will be this new movie called Colossal. Featuring Anne Hataway and Jason Sudeikis.

As it gives the classic giant monster movie a different spin. It goes beyond the little touch of comedy it shows on the trailer.

WTF did just happen.

The trailer of the movie is pretty weird itself. As it shows pretty little of the movie’s story. Something that some of us really appreciate. Besides it really encourages us to watch the film as we want to know what the hell is happening in here.

The sneak peak presents us a giant Kaiju monster destroying Seoul, North Korea. Also shows us a destructive hot mess yet adorable and funny Anne Hathaway. So how the hell does this connects?

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What we do know.

The movie has been shown in many festivals. For what we know, that is still not much, the story rounds Gloria (Anne Hathaway) as she is trying to rebuild her life.

Gloria is a woman who has a drinking problem, and has recently lost her job and got kicked out by her boyfriend. Forcing her to leave her live at New York and move back to her hometown. Where she reconnects with her childhood friend Oscar (played by Jason Sudeikis) and taking a job at his bar.

Image Credit: Neon
Image Credit: Neon

So who is the monster?

After coming back home and reconnecting with Oscar, Gloria’s auto-destructive behavior starts increasing. Along a Giant Kaiju monster appears in North Korea and starts destroying the capital city of Seoul.

But at one point Gloria finds out that she is connected in a way with it. So yes, its a monster with a drinking problem, humanity is really doomed this time. All of this is presented in a very humorous way. Making all this destruction ironic.

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The twist goes beyond.

That’s pretty much all the information we have of the movie conspiracy theories have start rising across the internet. Since many blogs, pages and so on have started developing all kind of theories about what does the meaning of the movie is.

As for those who have watched the movie all affirm that the twist really goes beyond the giant monster argument. Stating that the movie is filled with symbolism and it really deserves to be watched.

Image Credit: Neon
Image Credit: Neon

Stomping your way to watch it.

The movie will premiere on the 7th of April of this year. Featuring as well Tim Blake Nelson, Austin Stowell, and Dan Stevens in the cast.

The movie was written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

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