Star Wars Relaunches ‘Force for Change’ Campaign For It’s 40th Anniversary

Lucasfilm Partnered With Omaze Once Again

Star Wars has brought many people happiness over three decades. Going beyond their beloved movies, as they’ve created games, themed attractions and locations, toys, cartoons and more.

Now they’re using their incredible and powerful force to move masses into helping. Since Lucasfilm has partnered with Omaze once again for a charity campaign to help kids all around the world.

 'Force for Change' Campaign
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Jedi fight-ish campaign

The “Empire” created out of Luca’s films previously did this when they “The Force Awakens” was going into production. As they also partnered with Omaze and raised up to  $4.2 million. Now with the upcoming of “The Last Jedi” in December, they’re doing something similar with the relaunching of Force for Change.

As they offer to the fans who donate lots of cool prizes, that line up with the past, present, and future of the Star Wars franchise. The relaunch of this campaign is done by a video featuring Mark Hamil and Daisy Ridley, as they present it and explain everything. Including also in the process the characteristic style of humor of the Lucasfilm’s productions. As Hamill needles Ridley about how she’s never been on Skywalker Ranch.

Order 40th anniversary

The video and campaign also coincide with the 40th anniversary of the franchise, so it makes sense that the main prices have a relationship with all the eras of Starwars. You can win either a walk-on role for the upcoming Han Solo film, an overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch or a trip to The Last Jedi premiere along with the actors.

You participate for every dollar you donate to the campaign until May 11th, 2017. The winners will be announced on May 22nd, so if any of you win please do invite Daisy. But besides the three major prices, there are many others as you can win tons of Star Wars merch, from digital badges to shirts. This year, donations will go direct to The Starlight Children’s Foundation and UNICEF. It’s an incredible way to celebrate four decades of Star Wars.

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