Blade Runner 2049: The 80’s Classic Is Making A Comeback With Ryan Goslin And Harrison Ford

It Will Take Place 30 Years Later

Despite their not very successful ticket sale back in the 80’s “Blade Runner” was one of the biggest movies of the decade. Turning into a classic and cult movie. Now a sequel is coming to the theaters, with Ridley Scott being the director once again. The movie will keep on the same storyline so it will be very interesting what has happened in the dystopian L.A.

The movie will be 30 years from where the original movie took place. Also, counting with many other comebacks. Scott will not be returning this film, but he will produce it as he said on 2014. Still, he will be in the “memorabilia” department as he continues to explore the “Alien” franchise universe. Harrison Ford will return to his former role of Rick Deckard, despite his criticism back in the day. Besides his return as Han Solo in Star Wars episode VII and an upcoming Indiana Jones film on 2019. So besides the 80’s coming back, what else can we expect from the movie?

blade runner 2049
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New and old world

We already know it’s in the same apocalyptic world and that it’s 30 years in the future from where the 80’s movie was. Showing us the same aesthetics of the original film. Along with some epic and disturbing world scenes. Also, this time it seems that the plot will expand its strict city location, as we watch as well other places. Expanding the plot to dessert, other cities, farms and even the ocean.

Even though it’s one of Scott’s iconic movies and he will still be involved, but not directing it. Instead, it will be directed by “Arrival’s” Denis Villeneuve. The sequel has been screen-written by Michael Green and Hampton Fancher (the last one of whom co-wrote the original one). While the new film will still explore the fragility of humanity, as they’re still replicants and it seems a new world. As we can see in the trailer.

New guys in town

The movie counts with an epic cast. Blending some of the classic actors who portrayed the original movie and some new additions. As the main character will be Ryan Gosling, as Agent K. Who is the detective in the look of answers. Also, we got Dave Bautista who’s character still is unknown, and Robin Wright who is Gosling’s boss and warns him of upcoming dangers.

On the film, Jared Leto will also appear, his character is called Wallace, who probably will be the bad guy from the film. Wallace is a creepy replicant creator, of somehow. Still, we don’t know if he is related to the Tyrell Corporation. Along with that Ana De Armas will be Joi, who will be probably the search or the romantic interest of Gosling’s character. The movie looks pretty good. Besides being interesting to see where the plot of the 80’s classic is going. The film will hit theaters on October 6th of this year.

blade runner 2049
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