Beyoncé and ‘Hamilton’ Finally Came Together In A Flawless Mashup

And It Will Blow Your Mind

Ok, so two of the most talked about icons of pop culture are combined in this mashup and you won’t believe how good it sounds. Michael Korte and Jared Jenkins decided to mix Beyonce and Hamilton to make #HAM4BEY.

You’ll get six different people singing Queen Bey and Hamilton’s songs. The combination of their voices will leave you breathless in each song these people sing.

People are going crazy with this video.

Michael Korte shared in an interview where did he get the idea “The inspiration was bred from fantasy – I wanted to do the impossible, selfishly combine my two favorite things, Queen Bey & King Ham,” .

The video’s been up for only three days and it already has more than 5000 views.

“The video is so important NOW as it’s 7 minutes of soul-hugging joy and an unapologetic celebration of diversity in a time where many are questioning what the future holds,” added Korte. This mashup is great but their channel has a lot more music to enjoy, most of it covers.


They are huge fans of Hamilton.

This musical is one of the biggest of our time and everyone’s been talking about it. They knew exactly how to pay a tribute to it.


But Beyonce songs definitely stand out.

I mean we are talking about Queen Bey here.


But seriously, wow. This mashup is just perfect.

There are millions of YouTube comments to prove it.


And you thought Glee was good…



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