This Girl Used Her Boyfriend’s Balls As A Beauty Blender And Surprisingly It Worked

This Is Some Important Breakthrough, People

Relationships are all about trusting, comfort and confidence with that especial person. But a couple in Florida took it to another level. Since they’ve started a new makeup tutorial trend. This trend consists in using balls as a beauty blender. Yeah, balls as in ballsacks.

The couple then posted a video of their joke/”fashion-discovery” getting tons of online attention and questions for obvious reasons. But the couple has seemed to enjoy the little fame, and fun they have had due to their video.

Image Credit: @punkzillaa

How it started

Johnna Hines, 18, and her boyfriend Damon Richards, 20, are a couple from Florida who love messing around with each other. This weekend, they were hanging out and started joking about it. After showering, Hines was doing her makeup when Richards decided to make her laugh, with, well, his balls.

“He’s always messing with me so he started putting his balls on my head. I made a joke about using them as a beauty blender and we literally just looked at each other and started laughing and made the video from there.” Hines said. As she first uploaded to her Instagram account, and after getting a positive response she then uploaded to her Twitter. The “makeup tutorial” tweet has got over 20.000 retweets in just a couple days.

Entrepreneurs of the future, if you ask me

Due to the “innovation” the couple created, they draw the attention of some makeup artists like Manny Mua and Bretman Rock. Besides many reactions from other Twitter users. As some hated the video, others loved it, some make the usual snappy internet clever jokes and a key question who needed answer was made. Did it work? To what Johnna answered that impressively it did. “girl yes I was so surprised” Hines said. 

Hines said she didn’t expect such a huge reaction, especially in such a positive way, for the video. Since she hasn’t been really bothered by any negative comment she has got. Completely the other way she feels inspired due to the amount of beautiful and positive messages she has received due to the style of relationship she has with Damon and for being the way she is.

Magic ball(s) to the rescue

“I’ve gotten a lot of negative reactions but it doesn’t bother me much because a number of positive things people are saying to me make it worth it. I’m getting DM after DM from girls telling me I’m inspiring for being so carefree and confident and so many people love how comfortable my boyfriend and I are together, it feels really good TBH.” Hines said.

So even though the video is a bit weird and many of us never thought of balls to belong in the world of beauty and makeup, it’s pretty cool these guys has that level of intimacy and comfort with each other. Also, and in case you were wondering, Richards is pretty comfortable with all of it and it’s proud of his “fellas,” and now knows they belong to stardom.



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