Meet The Artist That Turns Black Mirror Episodes Into Comic overs

This Guy Is A Superheroe

We have said it many times before, one of the best things in art is the freedom that it implies. To the creator, this is the field where impossible becomes tangible. And it’s through that creation that he can discover new things in the world. He can eve give a new face of something everybody already had determined. This is a bit the concept of fanart. To redefine in the artist’s own style something that already exists. Some pay an incredible tribute to the existing show, movie, book, etc. Others create a different version or spin-off that ends up being even cooler than the original. And, as many fans expect from time to time, to that reinvention to become a side story of the original one.

This time some amazing fanart has been created to honor the amazing British series Black Mirro that was popularized worldwide by Netflix. The artist named Butcher Billy created 5 covers picturing the show as if it was a vintage comic book. He posted the covers on Twitter. Who got claimed not only by the fans of the system defying and award-winning series but by the creator of the show, Charlie Brooker, as well.

For any fan of any saga, this is one of the greatest dreams of all time.  Butcher’s work included 5 posters of some of the must raw, satirical and amazing episodes that due to its straightforward style have been in the mouth of anyone who has watched them. The episodes that feature in the artist’s Black Mirror collection are: “The National Anthem,” “Nosedive,” “White Bear,” “The Entire History of You” and “San Junipero.” So here you have them from bot to top.


5.San Junipero – S3E4.

This episode opens the count because it has a lot of depth and tons of internet conspiracy theories. We are just gonna say that you should watch this lovely trip though nostalgia and two pretty girls falling in love.

4.Nosedive – S3E1.

Black Mirror has the characteristic of showing us how technology is practically a drug nowadays. And as every drug it has, it’s side effects. You might recognize the endless search for followers and social approbation.


3.The Entire History Of You – S1E3.

Somethings are better to forget, or simply not to know. This episode shows not only the risks of remembering everything but as well the implications that messing with humans original nature might have.

2.White bear – S2E2.

Another great episode, a fan favorite without a doubt. But also it has that sadistic yet morbid aspect of the show. Is a girl that wakes up in a house without any memories and she is being hunted. And as she asks help everyone just starts filming her. First, you feel sorry for her then you might not.


1.The National Anthem – S1E1.

This is on the top not only because is were all started, the episode it’s itself a tribute to the entire show. This episode is about art, and the art the know how to do best in Black Mirror. The episode has all the components of the series: messed up ironies, morbidity, sadism, a brilliant twist and an artistic sense. The way this artistic sense leaves you feeling dirty and a bit abused yet amazed and happy.



If you’ want more of Butcher’s incredible art, as Brooker did, here is his website: a site up. Where you can get the Black Mirror covers as posters, t-shirts, hoodies and tons of other things.


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