This High School Student Made Art Out Her College Rejection Letter

And It’s Amazing

Growing up is really hard. One of the hideous things about that process is picking a college. Not only because of the stress of picking the right one for you. But due to the fact of getting in one, you really like.

The exams, the essays and the horrible, horrible waiting game that keeps you awake at night, Just waiting for an answer so simple like a “yes” or a “no.” Since for some is what they will be working for the rest of their lives. Sadly not everyone gets where they initially wanted to. But standing up and making the most of it is what really counts.


Meet Claudia Vulliamy.

Claudia is an 18-year-old aspiring artist that lives in London with her mom.

Image Credit: Louisa Saunders
Image Credit: Louisa Saunders

Art for a living.

Claudia is a really talented artist. And as she is in her last year of high school the process of picking a university has come. Oxford was one of the universities she applied for, as she said: “[It] appealed to me as a place of passion, beauty, and intellectual rigor.”

My mum, in acrylic #art #painting #portrait

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No for an answer.

Sadly, she got a no for an answer and her application to Oxford was rejected. But that didn’t get her down and crying. Instead, she did something amazing.

Image Credit: Louisa Saunders
Image Credit: Louisa Saunders

Not out of the game yet.

Instead of getting sad, she did another piece for her portfolio. As she turned her rejection letter into her latest piece of art. Experimenting with a different style from her usual portraits. ”I don’t normally do abstract art, but I thought it would be fun to make the letter into something conceptual,” she said.

Made an artwork out of my Oxford rejection letter #oxford #Art

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Just in a second.

This happened just while her mom went to work and back. Creating an amazing conceptual piece. “It’s a funny thing to do and quite spirited. It’s a really nice painting and a sassy response to a slight disappointment.”


As any proud mom would do.

Her mom did what any mom would do, besides, put it in the fridge. She did something more and post it on Twitter, and she has got more than 50.000 retweets. As it’s obviously something pretty relatable and one of the best reactions to a situation of this we have ever seen.

Online support.

As the paint has gone viral many have shown support to Claudia, who still has plans to go to a college in fall. As her mom has stated “It seems to have cheered a lot of people up.”


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