Ant-Man Is Getting His Own Animated Shorts On Disney XD This Year

We Sure Can’t Wait

Disney’s XD will release a series of animated shorts of Marvel’s Ant-Man. The series is being created by Passion Studios, the ones in charge of bringing the band Gorillaz to life. So we know the animated superhero clips will be in good hands.

Ant-Man’s first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #27 (January 1962). While Hank Pym made his animated debut as Giant-Man/Ant-Man in The Marvel Super Heroes 1966. This new and animated appearance will be the eighth version and depiction of the hero. He isn’t the most popular hero of all times, this gives the die-hard comic and superhero fans an extra chance to explore the Marvel Universe. Along with a beautiful brand new animation that blends modern with vintage aesthetics.

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Origins ant hindsight

Scott Lang originally became Ant-Man when he decides to steal the suit in order to save his daughter’s life (Cassie), from a heart condition. With the help and encouragement of Hank Pym, Lang takes on a full career as the Ant-Man leaving behind a life of crime. So he decides to be docile and efficient becoming an affiliate to the fantastic four, and then a founding member of The Avengers.

Something similar and less cute happened to Paul Rudd when he told his nine-year-old son he was going to be Ant-Man. His son said, “Wow, I can’t wait to see how stupid that’ll be”. Nobody expected Ant-Man to have any kind of success. Even though his popularity hasn’t significantly skyrocketed, the hero has had quite an impact in the comic universe. Now Marvel has decided to introduce the underdog Avenger to a wider audience, through film and now through Disney XD.

The animated comic series has allowed the new Marvel hero to have an audience of his very own. Besides they had a fairly good success of Ant-Man the movie starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as DR. Hank Pym. The project gave some real excitement not only to all the loyal Marvel Universe, and comic book readers, but also Michael Douglas.

Who stated he’s excitement for finally being able to share directly his work with his family, as he explained why he took the role of Hank Pym. Douglas said: “And most importantly, I did it for my children. They’re so excited. I’ve finally got a picture that they are so excited about. Dad is cool. You have to understand, for most of my career, I’ve done so many R-rated pictures. They can never see any of my movies. Just recently, at 14 and 12, they’re becoming more aware of some of the things that I’ve done. So, this is a lot of fun”.

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Disney’s hero domination

Disney has been expanding a lot in the last couple of years. Now they even own both Star Wars and Marvel. Fun facts: the laser sounds fired from Yellowjacket’s suit are the same sound as the main gun on an AT-AT being fired in the Star Wars movies. So the muscle, exposure, and distribution all these franchises will be huge in the short and long term. All of it for the delight of the fans obviously.

The plan so far consists in giving Ant-Man a fun and cool Retro-Vintage vibes and style which is very eye catching in animation. Marvel Fans certainly have something to be excited about. We are actually expecting something a bit classic like a Roy Lichestein comic touch. Lang will be spending some time with his daughter and also he’ll be fighting Yellowjacket alongside the Wasp. Which will be a nice set up for next year’s upcoming movie Ant-Man & The Wasp.

Passion Pictures will be delivering us fun aesthetic shorts of Ant-Man. Like they did with Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Ever since the film debuted they’ve decided to give this fun and adorable characters their own prime time online show, and now it is Ant-Man’s turn. The animated short series will consist of six episodes that will last around two minutes each. They will be directed by Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach and will be written by Brian Wysol, with Josh Keaton providing the voice for the titular role.

Marvel fans will be allowed to explore and get to know a bit more the story and endeavors of Ant-Man, who’s certainly a fresh face for Marvel’s youngest audiences. Also, this new public will get to know better the villains and other characters to help boost the success of next year’s film. Who knows maybe we can get a little hype for some characters, something the new shorts will surely help promote. After all, it is always fun to get some cameos whether it is in TV series or movies. We sure wish Ant-Man a good luck on his very own TV debut. It’s probably the first time he’s on his own. The series of animated shorts will air on June 10th at 7:58 a.m in 2017

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