10 Facts About Orgasms That Will Change They Way You Feel About Going Solo

It’s All About Loving Yourself Ladies

Let’s talk about orgasms and health because we need too. You might not know it but they’re linked to each other. Turns out getting the O face is not only enjoyable but actually improves your life and health in many ways.

Relieving pain, improving mental health, making you happier. We’re giving you the best reasons to give yourself some love, and if you are already doing it then to keep up the good work.


10. Orgasms can help reduce stress.

Everyday life can be quite stressful, we all know it, but I bet you didn’t know that orgasms can reduce stress from everyday life. According to sex therapist Dr. Madeleinene Castellanos, orgasms pull you out of everyday stressors by focusing only on pleasure.


9. They help you with your migraines.

Migraines are awful, even for those who don’t suffer from them. According to a study people who suffer from migraines and had sex during one, where able to experience a relieve from the annoying pain.


8. Orgasms can help you focus.

Whenever you have an orgasm your brain goes on vacation from thinking and focuses on the experience. This might help you learn how to focus your energy in other areas of your life.


7. It can also relieve period pain.

This one is for the ladies and let’s hope it turns into some women empowerment over their bodies! Orgasms have a pain relieving effect so, dreadful period pain can be relieved if you masturbate during that time. A  study conducted in 2001, found that women who masturbated frequently during their period experienced less cramps.


6. It gets your heart healthy

Sex is like a little workout, every time you have sex and orgasm the blood vessels dilate which improves your heart health. The more sex you have, the healthier your heart will be.


5. It gives strength to your immune system.

Dreaming about not getting sick?  well, the key is orgasming. The University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that found that people who had more orgasms had higher levels of immunoglobulin in their saliva samples. This affects directly your immune system by protecting it.


4. Let’s work out the pelvic floor!

Ladies orgasms can also strengthen your pelvic floor. When you have sex you exercise your pelvic floor as if you were doing Kegel exercises. Specifically, when you have an orgasm the muscles can contract up to 15 times at less than one second intervals.


3. Practice makes the master.

The more you orgasm the more likely you are to experience climax regularly. When you masturbate you learn about what turns you on and you even develop a rhythm, meaning that the more you do it not only the more you know yourself,  you are also more likely to experience climax more often. Let’s own that body and get to know ourselves. You can find here washingtoncitypaper’s article about best onlyfans accounts.


2. Improve your self-esteem.

Almighty orgasms also affect your self-esteem. Especially, when you masturbate you have this sense of feeling good and accomplishing that can improve overall self-esteem. Talking about body positive here!


1.  They make you happier.

Orgasming regularly can increase endorphin and oxytocin levels, which make you feel more relaxed and can also help you focus your attention in the positive things in your life rather than the negative ones.


Plus: They get better with age!

If you needed a reason not to dread aging here’s one, orgasms get better with age specifically the quality and frequency.


Source: Buzzfeed.


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