The Weeknd Finally Posts A Photo With Selena Gomez On His Instagram Feed

The Weeknd decided to grace us with a cute picture with Selena Gomez and it’s lovely. On Saturday, the singer shared a picture of Selena kissing him and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see.

The couple has been dating for a while now and they look so happy you can’t help but gush. They have traveled together and keep gracing us with the sweetest pictures.

Sweet kiss

The Weeknd shared the cutest picture on Saturday of Selena tenderly planting a kiss on the side of his head. Even when we don’t know when and where the picture was taken it’s absolutely adorable. Just look at the way Selena holds him and how he simply loves being held by her.

They first went public in January, after being spot together in Beverly Hills. Even when they haven’t delivered any official comment we keep seeing them together and we love it!

This is the first time they post a picture together on Instagram regular feed, they have previously shared Instagram stories where you can have a glimpse of the other. Please do share more!

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Date nights and travels

These two just love being together and spending a good time.  On Thursday they were spotted in L.A having a date night at Beauty & Essex. Last Mars they have a romantic getaway in Toronto where they had the movie theater all by themselves.

They have traveled together to Europe where they had a romantic getaway that included The Weeknd’s private yacht and walks in Amsterdam, Florence, and Paris.

More recently South America, where Selena has joined him during his Starboy Tour. The couple has shared the downtime and has explored the cities which include, Bogota, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo.

selena gomez and the weeknd
Via US Magazine

Hometown visits and cute moments

On March 19 the I Can’t Feel My Face singer shared a snap of Selena. The pair was at the  Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in what looked like a romantic date.

Rumor has it Selena has already met her beau’s mother and grandmother who gave a total approval!

the weeknd
Via The Weeknd’s Instagram

Source: US Magazine


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