Unimpressed Chloe Is Now All Grown Up Just 4 Years After Her Surprise Getaway

The Internet Icon Is All Smiles Now

Unimpressed Chloe is all grown up. Seems like yesterday when a Youtube video made a place for an iconic meme that changed our lives. However, that was four years ago and now Chloe, who was once unimpressed, is a rather impressed little girl.

Brand new Chloe

Nothing like watching a kid growing up, and when it comes to a meme legend is even better. Chloe who once seemed as an unimpressed girl turned that upside down and she’s all smiles and excitement now.

Well, a lot happens in four years, and in 2013 we first laid eyes on this charismatic and adorable girl who became the internet sensation after reacting to the news that she was going to Disneyland with her family.

Chloe is now all excitement as she travels with her family to the coolest places. In fact, most of these adventures are recorded on her Instagram account, which she shares with her sister who continues to be really expressive.

Recently, she visited Brazil and was more than excited, she even found her meme in an elevator and posed next to it. “Google is amazing! Chloe loves seeing herself on the elevator door and all over #saopaulo! You have a beautiful city!” the family wrote on Instagram.

This little girl even signs autographs as she’s clearly known worldwide.

Signing autographs at #google! . . . #chloe #google #saopaulo

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The girl, the meme, and legend

In case you don’t know who Unimpressed Chloe is I’ll break it down for you.

Chloe first broke the Internet in September 2013,  when her mom uploaded a video on YouTube in which she shares the news that the family is visiting every kid’s dream, I’m talking of course about Disneyland.

As the mother breaks the exciting news, Lily, Chloe’s sister, bursts crying in the backseat as she can’t hold her excitement, while Chloe is simply unimpressed with the news.

Chloe’s hilarious impression went viral and even produced a meme which is a legend still today. Also, Chloe became an Internet icon, obviously.

The video has over 18 million views and continues to add views daily. The girl’s Instagram account continues to have more than 553,000 followers and counting.

Today, both girls have modeling gigs and they also starred in YouTube videos where they can experience normal activities like going to the movies or going out with their parents.

“My heart is full. I love these girls deeply!” proud mother Katie recently shared on Instagram about her two lovely daughters and their whole family. “I say this all the time BUT how did I get so lucky?”

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