The Internet Is In Love With Prince Sverre Magnus Of Norway After He Gave Us The Royal Dab

The Most Viral Royal Family Member

The internet is a kingdom of its own, that has its royalty, knights, wars and a lot of phenomena. Besides, it has really worldwide power and reaches. To the point, it has also reached actual royalty, the Norwegian one to be specific. Since Prince Sverre Magnus, who is 11-years old has turned into a viral royal family member.

Even though he is third in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne, he has proven to be the people’s king. It will be a long time before he actually turns into one. Sverre Magnus raised to the internet’s throne during his grandparents, the current kings, birthday celebration. As he broke a bit of the formal protocol and revealed to us his true royal potential.

Sverre Magnus
Image Credit: @norsemythnews

The people’s prince

Forget all those classical protocols and boring royal families. Since the little prince took the 80th birthday celebrations of his grandparents, King Harald V and Queen Sonja, in a hilarious way. Deploying not only the boring average royalty, incarnated by the British one but also football stars, celebrities, and musicians.

Sverre was caught dabing, making funny faces and showing “V” for victory signs. Perhaps he was a little bored by the occasion, where the family had to do the usual “smile and wave,” as they were posing on the royal balcony while pictures were taken. So he decided to take a hysterical break. Giving a more relaxed touch to the formality of the act. Amusing us all, including his family and the other royals. Turning as well into our favorite royal personality in no time, without dressing as a sailor or throwing a wedding.

Internet royalty

Obviously, since any royalty member is a public figure, the little mischief of the prince didn’t go unnoticed. But it has really made him the most popular royal member in a while, expanding his domains into the internet. Stil Sverre Magnus ascension into internet royalty, probably got him grounded. Even though it was total worth it. As his contemporary siblings noticed and tried to stop him, and he didn’t care at all.

This makes the pictures and videos that caught Sverre’s little playful tricks funnier for all of us. Even her more serious cousin, the one who tried to stop him couldn’t avoid laughing. But Sverre Magnus’ trickster personality has an origin. Since he isn’t the only mischief-maker in his family, since his dad and heir to the Norwegian crown, Haakon, also did one during an important celebration. As he decided to shave off his beard in the middle of the dinner even. So the Norwegian royal family is without a doubt our favorite one.



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