Iconic Tv Show Twin Peaks Is Back And The Premiere Was Crazy Weird

Weirder Than Ever

Twin Peaks is back after 25 years out of the air, and what could be better than a show co-created by David Lynch. There is a reason why it’s a cult show. On Sunday a two-hour Showtime premiere of “Twin Peaks: The Return,” picking up where the original 1990-1991 ABC series left off. But instead of being just a continuation it has expanded the show’s world.

The mystic and terrifying surrealistic murder-mystery have turned into a sensation in just a few days. Especially as its promotional tagline proclaiming “It Is Happening Again,” have really turned the world upside down creating a lot of buzzes. Accompanied with tons of positive reviews, both from fans and critics.

More Lynch to come

Lynch’s revival spent its opening hours making basically a recap-proof. Also letting us all know that his 18-episode season was going to be far more bizarre, and puzzling, than anything we have seen before. By alternating between various storylines whose connections were semi-comprehensible, laying some Easter Eggs, and opening the world of the show with various new locations. It also brought back some old ones like the Black Lodge’s red room. Besides the classic thrillings and mysterious murders.

Besides the three intriguing “introducing” stories, “Twin Peaks: The Return” focus on two complex narratives. One in which a librarian named Ruth Davenport is found dead in her apartment. Thanks to fingerprints found at the scene a local high school principal, Dale Hastings is arrested. But the night before he told his wife Phyllis that, he had dreamed that he was in Ruth’s place. Making a plot twist as Phyllis reacts by stating that she knows that Dale was having an affair with Ruth. Then throw in his face her own affair with their lawyer.

Twin Peaks
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Second plotline

And then Phyllis goes home and is promptly shot dead by Agent Dale Cooper.  We figure out that he isn’t quite Dale, but more of his doppelganger. Who took Cooper’s place in our reality at the end of the original Twin Peaks series finale. Leaving him trapped in the Black Lodge, as the evil double intends to avoid some predestined return to the Black Lodge. Then after a weird briefcase phone call with a man he’s told, “You’re going back in tomorrow. And I’ll be with Bob again”.

In the meantime, Agent Cooper whose perspective is distorted in the hallucinatory visions, red curtains, and a white horse, speaks with a creepy-blinking Laura who tells him “I am dead, yet I live”.  Then a disturbing talking tree, says to  Cooper, “I sound like this,” before making expelling Copper through the dark, and back to New York. Presumably, so his doppelganger can return. It seems that the new season will be full of creepiness and intrigue. Keeping all of us stuck to out seats.

Twin Peaks
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