Tinder Couple Finally Meet On TV After Three Years Of Messages

The Most Modern Love Story So Far

The two Kent State University students who have kept a Tinder joke for three years, Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, finally met on live television, on Tuesday. And it was adorable.

They first came into the public eye earlier this month when Josh posted a screenshot of his Tinder messages with Michelle to Twitter.

Is this the most modern love story, or what?

Meeting cute doesn’t happen so much anymore.

Love means swiping, texting and then meeting in circumstances that feel more like a job interview than a tingly love thing.

And then there’s Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec.

They swiped in similar Tinder directions three years ago. Then they texted and texted, mostly with joke excuses about why it took so long, sometimes months, to return each other’s texts.

Their three-year text fest became world excitement when Avsec tweeted some of the content. Naturally, Tinder saw a marvelous marketing opportunity and offered to send the couple on, you know, an actual date.

But before going on that actual date, they had to just meet.And it finally happened on Tuesday, when ‘Good Morning America’ served as the ultimate cupid and set everything for the big moment.

There they were, separated by a big, beautiful wall, ready for their close-ups. But first, separate interviews with the GMA hosts to build up the excitement.

And good news, They’re both fans of “The Office”!

When they finally cast eyes on each other, it was, quite naturally, love at first sight. Well, not really, it was pretty awkward and then cool.

There’s hope everybody.

Where it all started

Earlier this month, the story of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, two students at Kent State University, caught the fickle attention of the Internet. When Avsec tweeted screenshots of their message history.

They first matched in 2014, and what followed was a series of creative apologize for avoiding each other.

At first glance, the conversation is unremarkable, if clever, but there’s a catch. The messages were sent months apart over the course of three years.

Finally, in early July, Avsec posted their messages to Twitter, writing that one day, he would meet Arendas and it would be, in a word, “epic.”

His tweet went viral, eventually catching the attention of the Tinder gods themselves, who offered to send the students to Maui for their first date.

Now it seems they will be really heading to Maui pretty soon.

Source: Complex

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