This Guy Goes Viral With His Hilarious Tweets And Aston Martin’s Response Is Brilliant

He Found Out The Secret To Get Free Stuff In Life

Everybody likes free stuff and that’s ok. Without taking merit to actually work hard or getting into rail against the system theories. There is a reason why there exist countless contests to win cool stuff without actually paying for them. So a guy popped up with an amazing way to get free stuff via Twitter. The best thing about his discovery was that it worked twice.

Probably this discovery is a new kind of “social media eureka”. With the guy who figures it out feeling the same way Einstein or Newton did. As they realize the power this had and how it could change the world forever. In this scenario to a funnier and cheaper one.

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We all know the story of Archimedes. Since the iconic greek scholar got into his bathtub and after realizing the water level rose. Figuring out that the volume and density of irregular objects, and that now those objects could be measured with precision. Well, this is kind of a similar story as British artist Hector Janse van Rensburg did the same with Twitter.

The artist decided to make fun of the app and posted a tweet parodying promotional tweets. In which the products are “subtly” placed. As he got a picture of him, chilling in his bathtub with his Radox shower gel at the background. Such an odd thing to see a bathroom. The ironic tweet was so good that Radox actually wrote him back in order to send him some of the brand goodies. As they love the tweet he then posted another one, flashing out his new gifts.

Free car?

Needless to say that this was awesome. So Hector, figuring out in the mountain of gold he was sitting on trying to push his trick a bit further. As the second time, he posted the same pic, with him in the tub and an awkward face, but with one of his drawings asking for an Aston Martin (in the tweet above). You know the ones James Bond tends to drive around during his mission. But, trying his luck asking for a specific model “the one with the big vrooms”

For everyone’s surprise, and probably for Hector’s as well, Aston Martin replied. Saying that they had no problem with giving him a free car at all. Turning this probably the best life hack ever. Being the only “but” that they will give him a smaller version so it could fit in his bathtub. Still, it’s a free car.



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