‘Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton Denied US Entry After Testing Positive On Cocaine

He Was Returned To London

‘Stranger Things’ actor Charlie Heaton was denied US entry last week. Officials found cocaine in his luggage, so he was returned to London.

Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ was released over the weekend. Fans are happy to have a special character back, safe and sound.

Missing the premiere

Actor Charlie Heaton was denied entry into the U.S after cocaine was found in his luggage when he arrived in Los Angeles.

According to reports, customs canine sniffed Heaton’s luggage when he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, and they found a small amount of cocaine.

Given the amount being for personal use, Heaton was sent back to the UK rather than being charged in the US. Whether he will be able to return to the country remains unknown.

The incident meant the actor missed the premiere for the second season of the show in Los Angeles Thursday.

Heaton stars as Jonathan Byers in the Netflix supernatural drama hit. The second season of the popular series dropped Friday and is available for streaming.

Heaton is also known for his role in the 2016 films ‘Shut In’ and ‘As You Are’.

Charlie Heaton
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Good to have you back

With the new season of ‘Stranger Things’ arriving and fans binging it, it’s safe to talk about a beloved character that made her comeback.

Season two of the show is one change for Eleven, who now has a new haircut, a new adopted family and a new potty-mouthed vocabulary of slang words.

But amid all those changes a constant remains, and it’s her endless love of Eggo waffles, which she eats fro breakfasts daily in the new nine episodes.

However, actress Millie Bobbie Brown is not that much of a fan of Eggos.

“Eggos are just something that fans of the show like, Eggos are an American thing and my British family is like, ‘We don’t know what that is,” she said.

“I don’t really care (about them). I’m just optimistic about the taste. I get positive vibes.”

Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer recently talked about Eleven’s new journey and explained their decision to have her away from the boys.

“We had a feeling that (Hopper and Eleven) would be really electric together. A lot of the success of Season 1 depended on her interactions with the boys,” says Ross Duffer.

“With them on their own adventures, Eleven’s storyline was immediately exciting. It started to give the second season a different feel.”

“That was a fun storyline because she really didn’t understand what they were doing to her,” Brown says.

“In Season 1, the interior of Eleven is badass, and then in the second, the exterior is, also.”

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