5 Times Soccer Players Were Unexpectedly Hilarious On Twitter

Cause They’re Not Only Known For Their Skills On The Field

Soccer players are worldwide admired figures. Making millions on advertisement and by living the dream of playing their favorite sport for a living. Since most of the time, they’re known and admired for what they do and skills on the pitch.

But from time to time they take us by surprise for what they do off it. As with nowadays technology, one of the scenarios were they surprise us is the online world of social media. Where there are some stars that really shine more than others, just like they do on the pitch too. So here we are going to leave you 5 epic tweets of football/soccer players that are real screamers.

Image Credit: @FootyMemes
Image Credit: @FootyMemes

5.Super pig.

Mario Balotelli has been a very polemic figure. Not only because of his talent. But also due to his crazy, egocentric and explosive character off and in the pitch. For everyone, Mario is super crazy. Maybe that is why they call him Super Mario, or maybe because he is Italian and a reference to Mario Bros. Who knows? He has even been a meme.

But between all that craziness Balotelli has proven, that sometimes he isn’t such a bad guy. Especially when he got a baby pig and decided to call her Super. We wonder why he granted her that name?

4.Breaking discovery.

Louis Saha was a very important player at a point in the Premier League. To the point, even the great and worldwide known star Wayne Rooney said he was his favorite player to work with. Coming from Rooney who has played with many stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Scholes, Beckham, Van Der Saar and Tevez it means a lot.

But the online highlight of Saha’s career was when he discovered how a nice dinner with his son was. When he “tried” an epic experiment of eating without the TV being on.

3.His own worst enemy.

Wayne Rooney is a soccer legend. Not only internationally but also for his home country England and his club Manchester United. As he is a very talented player who always works his socks off.

But Rooney also has a bit too much character. To the point in where he even fought himself on Twitter, menacing of putting himself to sleep in 10 seconds.

2.Epic Wayne.

In order to prove that he is a star also off the pitch, Rooney has made some really epic tweets. Sharing some epic, interesting and really deep thoughts on the social media portal.

Like that time the Manchester United captain made a really impressive and deep reflection about humor. Emphasizing on Mr.Bean.

1. Spaghetti with Wanyama.

Victor Wanyama has proven to be a really good player. Maybe not to the point of a star like Messi or Ronaldo but he does his job. But a place where the Tottenham Hotspurs man really has the lead, and particularly over Messi and Ronaldo is Twitter.

As he posts some really interesting and deep thoughts. Even deeper and important than the ones from Rooney. Our personal favorite is the time he shared his love for spaghetti. Since it is something anyone can relate to, right?


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