Casey Neistat On Samsung Galaxy’s New Commercial ‘The Rest of Us’ Will Give You The Feels

It Was Brilliant

The world is a pretty crazy place. Especially in today’s society. All kind of things are happening, good and bad ones and everybody knows about them. This is due to globalization, the internet, and phones. As phones have become a fundamental piece of everyone’s life and a portal to the world.

In latest years the two main contenders in this market have been Samsung and Apple. Both creating incredible innovations and getting very loyal users to get on their sides. Furthermore, they tend to innovate and create amazing advertisements to remind us what defines their product and makes it better.

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Samsung Galaxy.

This time Samsung created a pretty cool video to promote their signature Galaxy model. The commercial, even though it’s incredible, reminds us a bit of Apple’s “Here is to the crazy ones,” add. Maybe it’s on purpose and to put a bit more of gas to the fire in their eternal rivalry.

The Rest Of Us.

Even though the resemblance between one of the most mythical advertisement pieces done by Apple. This add by Samsung is really appealing, especially to younger and current generations. As it talks about how the world spins currently and how the phones play a key role on it.

Since we have this need nowadays to document, film, and share everything that we do. Our goals, hobbies, challenges and so on. Phones are a part of it. Casey Neistat, famous YouTuber gives the speech that will make you feel so related is crazy.

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The video.

The video starts in a very epic set up with Casey Neistat all dressed up, giving the amazing speech that gives sense to the whole thing. Telling us, along with the images, how we use our phones to document all the things that we feel passionate about in our daily life.

Also, the images, colors, and situations they present to us are awesome. Making the video even cooler. Reminding us how in the most simple things is where we found joy. As what matters is what we create and not the size of our production. Pretty clever from Samsung to point it out.

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