To Celebrate Pancakes Day We Brought You Some Cute Animals Eating Them

Whats Better Than Pancakes? Absolutely Nothing

One of the best things in life is food, and one of the highlights of food is breakfast. Being the most important meal of the day and for many the tastiest. Breakfast has many delicious dishes. But for us, pancakes are at the top of the list.

Pancakes are one of the most delicious and functional plates there is. Since you can add it pretty much everything and can be accompanied by anything you can imagine. Pancakes are fluffy, delicious and can be either sweet or salty. Pleasing everyone’s taste and crave. So to honor pancakes we are going to leave you 5 pictures of people sharing this amazing food even with their pets.

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5.Pancakes for the little and the big.

Happy pancake day kids ( And Grown Ups ) #pancakeday @gordongram

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Pancakes are loved by everyone. For the big and the small ones. Even David Beckham loves them.

He even took the time to do some on pancakes day for us to see him testing his cooking skills.

4.For the internet and the pancake lovers.

Pugs are not only adorable but they’re also one of the kings of the internet, after cats obviously. Also, they’re loved by everyone.

So, what happens when you combine them? You have one of the cutest, most adorable and enjoyed couple that there can exist. Even more than Ryan Gosling with Ema Stone or maybe as much as Peanut Butter and Jelly.

#pancake #pancakeday #pug#puglife #pugsofinstagram

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3.Dog pancakes.

This person has given man’s best friend one of the best gifts ever. By making him some precious dog look alike pancake. Besides, the messy look of the food, makes a resemblance with the shaggy and curly hair of the doggy. Also, the strawberry touch is incredible.

This is totally pancake art in a way.  Surely they were delicious and it’s one of the best treats we can imagine ever. For both dogs and humans.

2.Mini pancakes.

It doesn’t matter if you are big or small you probably love this super breakfast too. Age, size or even species is not important. But this little mouse looks incredibly adorable with his miniature pancake.

Besides the cuteness of the photograph and the fact that this little furry guy is surely loving it. The skills that the chef has to create this mini pancake is amazing.

1.Cat-tastic pancakes.

This fluffy food is so amazing that even cats that tend to hate pretty much everything love them. That’s how powerful and delicious pancakes are.

Besides who wouldn’t love a pancake stack like this one? It looks so good that it seems like something straight out of a magazine. Besides looking extremely delicious. This kitty is really lucky.




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