Sad Tom Brady Is Now A Hilariously Brutal Meme And We Love It

NFL Memes Are The Best Memes

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sportive events in the year. Especially in the U.S. as it has become practically an unofficial American Holiday. Also, it determines who the supreme NFL league champion is going to be. The game is also the culmination of the football season.

Besides all, the Super Bowl also means that your team, if it reached the final, can be crown as the best. At least until the next season starts. This year it was the chance for the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Hawks. Ending in an epic comeback with the victory for the Patriots.

Image Credit: NBC San
Image Credit: NBC San

Super Bowl LI champions.

In a very dramatic final, the Patriots came back from losing at halftime by a score of 21–3 to the Atlanta Falcons. At that moment during the mid time before the half ended, the cameras caught a shot of Tom Brady.

In this shot of Brady looks sad and frustrated. Logically because of the score. But due to the nature of the internet in no time, the meme world and the internet bizarre humorist took charge of the footage of the quarterback.

Image Credit: Twitter /NFL Memes
Image Credit: Twitter /NFL Memes

Happily sad.

Despite the fact that Brady and his side won the Super Bowl 51 the internet had already done his job. Generating thousands of memes and jokes in just a few minutes.

So even though Brady became one of the most awarded quarterbacks and NFL players of all times. He also won the meme contest of the SB51, something that we are not sure if he will add to his cabinet of trophies.

Super Bowl jokes.

Besides becoming the quarterback with most titles in Football history on Sunday night. He also became a meme situation.

As the internet jokes of him were hilariously used to explain daily situations. From failing a test to simply being sad about something.

A more serious tone.

Once again the internet showed us the amount of creativity and intelligence the users have. As the jokes didn’t only stay on the “sad about something” thing.

The web users started making jokes about almost anything. They even gave it politic tone. So even though Tom Brady might be hyped by his win on Sunday we are with his memes.




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