People Are Worried About Melania Trump After Seeing These Sad Pics

I Think We Should All Be Worried Just Because She’s Donald’s Wife.

Is Melania Trump ok?

The Trump’s have finally reached the White House. For many, this means the end of the civilized world, and to others, something that should have just never happened.

There’s nothing we can do about Trump’s presidency at this point, but the internet is playing hero and calling for help after carefully evaluating pictures from the now First Lady of the U.S. Melania Trump seems really sad and disturbed in this images.

Image Credit: Pool/Getty Images

Melania Trump is sad that’s for sure.

Along the many jokes and memes of  Melania and her husband, none had gone as viral as this new ones. Since a Twitter user noticed that the new First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) wasn’t really excited about all this new chapter of her life.

The long faces of the new FLOTUS have been posted with many descriptions. Internet jokers try to figure out what Melania is really sad about, creating many hilarious comments in the process.

Trump is the first suspect, who would have guess right?

Between all the jokes and the wonder of many twitter users, there have been many theories of why Melania was so sad. But the one that caught more attention was that the real reason behind Melania’s sadness was Donald Trump itself.

For many, he is not the nicest person in the world and it seems that his wife thinks the same. But we could see why. As the pictures feature him acting like a total douche with Melania. Making us all understand why she is so broken hearted, especially now that she is going to be even more in the center of the spotlight. I mean, she now represents one of the world’s most powerful countries.

The unrefutable truth.

Despite some of the photos posted are funny as hell. We can’t help to feel a bit sad for Melania. As it is bad enough to have to deal with Trump’s craziness. But having to stand him acting like a jerk, is too much.

Twitter users even found some gifs that really make you cringe a bit and question Melania’s life. Making you feel empathy towards her. Wanting to give her a hug or another solution.

The memes have begun.

Creating some incredible pieces of meme-art. Because if you give the internet just a bit of time and a topic, they will generate millions of jokes and posts. All of them spiced with smart and snarky humor.

Not feeling sympathy for the devil.

For many users the fact that Melania is a former model, millionaire and now FLOTUS makes them think that she really is ok. Stating that she choose that life and Trump as her husband. On the weekend Melania posted her first tweet from the FLOTUS account, so we know that everything is ok.



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