This Romantic Train Proposal Is Setting The Bar High For Other Couples

I Would Literally Die If This Happens To Me

On Monday, Glasgow Central Station witnessed the cutest proposal. The train station and the commuters were lucky enough to witness how Craig adorably asked Linsay to share their lives together.I you thought there was nothing romantic about a train station, our boy Craig definitely changed the game and proved that the details are the way to a woman’s heart.

Congrats you guys!


All aboard the love train.

When people think of train stations they think of friends and lover separating and saying goodbye, and some reuniting. Even when there’s definitely something sentimental about it, it’s not necessarily romantic.

But what if this train station is the place where you first met your significant other, then it all changes and the train station becomes the most romantic place of all. That’s exactly what happened on Monday, when a boyfriend turned the Glasgow Central Station into the place for romance.

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Special rush hour proposal.

On Monday, Craig decided to change that infamous status of the train stations and put something romantic on them. Craig used the notice board at Glasgow Central Station to express his love for Linsay and ask her to marry him in the venue of their third year anniversary.

The message read,  “We met here on our first date exactly three years ago. Tonight I am asking you to make those happy times go on forever.”

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Expectation and desperation.

Travelers noticed the image and started sharing it on social media because really how often does this happen? But, most of all they became desperate to find out the answer to the proposal.

 Like really desperate.

Congratulations are in order.

A spokesperson from the rail operator, SotRail, confirmed that Linsay said yes and that the couple was celebrating and had requested privacy.

Reports said that the happy couple celebrated with champagne at a station bar and even received a round of applause from commuters.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Cheers, guys!

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