Rare albino alligator is a hit at Florida gator park

Nature is a real beautiful and weird thing. Not only mother nature has pretty much everything out and planned. But it can adapt and change things to survive and keep on rolling. So it is probably the most kickass and independent thing that exists.

Inside all that calculated and planned structure from time to time nature feels creative. Generating some especial editions of some of the organisms that it rules. Generating gigantic, furrier, extra-limbed, or albino versions of them.

Image Credit: Gatorland/madiadrumworld
Image Credit: Gatorland/mediadrumworld

Albino Aligator.

Between those special versions that we can find albinos are one of the coolest. Despite sometimes they present some health issues and in some animals difficulties to perform certain things. The unique way they look is fantastic.

Albino tigers, lions, plants or alligators. Look like an especial edition Pokemon that nature has delighted us with. To the point that this alligator, that can be found in Gatorland, Orlando,  has turned into a celebrity in the sunny state.

Shining star.

The beautiful albino miracle is called Pearl and she is 10-years old and weighs around 105 pounds. She along with the other albino gator, Bouya Blan, are celebrities at their gator park in Florida. Since they’ve turned into stars due to the beauty of their skin and pink eyes.

But not all is glamor. As both of them, have to be kept in a shaded housing to be protected from the sun. Also, they are kept in Gatorland since they wouldn’t stand much of a chance in the wild. Due to the fact that they can’t camouflage with their surroundings.

Many followers.

But gladly for Pearl, that lives by her name, arrived at the gator park sanctuary, meaning that she has more time around to dazzle us. As she arrived at Gatorland when she was only a baby in 2009.

Since then, she has become a star and one of the most in-demand gators at the sanctuary. “She arrived at Gatorland when she was 3 years old.  Pearl is an albino alligator which means she has white skin and pink eyes due to the complete absence of pigmentation.” Becoming a celebrity at social media.

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