Ghanaian Player Accidentally Thanks His Wife AND Girlfriend In Post-Game Speech

This Is The Best And The Worst Speech Ever

Everybody has a little of vanity in them. We all love to be the center of attention from time to time and have our 5 minutes of fame. But sometimes this can be very dangerous, as stardom generally comes with a price.

This can be applied in all aspects of life. If you’re still skeptical about it just watch Ghanaian player Mohammed Anas commit and epic fail while he received his “Man of the Match” award. Since his excitement of an excellent performance and receiving the price really got to his head.

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Thanking all the fans and loved ones.

Mohammed Anas was awarded the “Man of the Match” award after an incredible display of skill and scoring the two goals that gave his team, Free State Stars, a point after drawing with Ajax Cape Town in the South African league.

After an incredible display of ability and receiving the award, Anas obviously had to give his post-match interview. Usually, the players stick to the classics: thanking God, the fans, the team effort and so on. But Anas took it in another direction, scoring a goal and getting sent off all at once.

Injury time.

In the interview, you can see Anas is over the moon with his prize and by the performance he gave. But in his excitement, he started to thank all those who have supported him and that he loves, and maybe he has way too much love to give. As Anas thanked his wife and his girlfriend.

As he stated: “Thank you for this, I appreciate my fans. My wife and girlfriend…I mean my wife, sorry to say.” After realizing the horrible mistake he had done he apologized: “I’m so sorry…I love you so much, I love you so much from my heart!”
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Hanging the boots.

Even if you hate the guy for being a cheater or because you’re from the rival team you have to feel sorry for him. As he has ruined one of the most special moments of his career, as he said as well during the interview.
Since really not every day of your life you get recognized for being a great player and an awful cheater, also ruining your marriage all in one take and through TV. For this wrecking declarations, Anas’ interview has been also awarded the “Worst” or “Best” interview of all times.
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