This Lab Turned Their Experiment Of Poisoned Air Into An Art Masterpiece

It Really Sends A Message

Art has always been the main way to show what’s wrong with society. Presenting the problem in a creative way so it can be understood and cause shock and awareness. But what about making the problem part of the statement?

Well, that’s what a lab called Graviky Labs has done in the U.K. By creating a device called Kaalink, who is attached to diesel pipes and can capture up to 95% of the carbon soot produced and stopping it from polluting the atmosphere.


Creating art with Kaalink

But what is the artistic side of the Kaalink? Well, the trapped soot is then recycled and used to create ink for marker pens, who are called Air-Ink. Graviky Labs’ co-founder Anirudh Sharma, has stated that the incredible idea could provide of up to 30 trillion litres of cleaner air annually for Londoners.

This means obviously a lot of pens and obviously fresh air. As one pen is fully filled with “pollution-ink” from 50 minutes of diesel car pollution. The lab is now giving many artists their Air-Ink pens to create and incredible art statement.


Clean Art Gallery.

Graviky Labs’ will host the world’s first Clean Art Gallery in Brixton. As the gallery will present five artists from the most polluted cities from the U.K. Ironically, Brixton has already surpassed its 2017 air pollution limit.

This is not the first time Graviky Lab’s has used their incredible ink to give a powerful statement about pollution. As they’ve previously teamed up with some street artists from Hong Kong to paint a powerful picture about the topic.

Image Credit: JOHN SANDERS

More to come

The artistic and awesome idea has been also supported by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. As Khan, alongside the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, want to introduce restrictions on vehicle emissions. As the pollution topic is an urgent theme in order to transform their metropolis and the way people live.

For Graviky’s co-founder Sharma, there is still a lot to do. As one of the improvements he wants to introduce to Air-Ink is to make it suitable for printing. Also, he is looking to expand the idea to many other areas and help the world be a safer healthier place.



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