Find Out The Complete Winners’ List From The Oscars 2017

This Year’s Ceremony Was A Bit Odd

The Academy Awards show was last night and it certainly will be one to remember for many years on. As it was full of dark and political humor, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel who even tweeted current POTUS. Full of dreams coming true, not only for the award winners but also for a bunch of lucky fans who were granted an entrance to the ceremony. Full of controversy and candy.

Especially when the “Best Movie” award was granted. Due to an error that was pretty weird TBH. So in case, you missed some of it, were are going to leave you the list of the winners and a bit of the controversy that happened last night.

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Best actor in a supporting role.

Most of the times the secondary characters are overseen. But they’re equally important as the main ones. Since they give sense to the story. As they shape the world, story, and many other features of the main characters.

The nominees in this category were: Jeff Bridges for “Hell – High Water.” Lucas Hedges – “Manchester by the Sea,” Dev Patel – “Lion,” Michael Shannon – “Nocturnal Animals,” and finally Mahershala Ali – “Moonlight,” who won the category, for his role as Juan.

Best actress in a supporting role.

Secondary characters are equally important. Especially in the case of women who most times are underappreciated but play some of the most important roles in life. Every great person in life has had a mom. In love stories, all the Casanovas had that one girl that got away and so on.

Besides we are always glad to watch some beautiful women on screen. The nominees were: Naomie Harris – “Moonlight,” Nicole Kidman – “Lion,” Octavia Spencer – “Hidden Figures,” Michelle Williams – “Manchester by the Sea,” and Viola Davis – “Fences” who won the award and gave a very touching and emotional speech.

Best foreign language film.

The name says it all as it is self-explicatory. But this is one of the coolest categories of all. Since it proves that our love for the movies transcends cultures and languages barriers. Also, some of the best, most colorful and intense movies are from foreign countries.

The nominee movies were: “Land of Mine” from Denmark, “Tanna” from Australia, “Toni Erdmann” from Germany, “A Man Called Ove” from Sweden and the winner film “The Salesman” from Iran. Sadly the director of the movie couldn’t receive the award due to Trump’s foreign ban. Something that added more political controversy to this Oscars edition.

Best animated feature film.

Another of the best categories. Not only because it’s something that we enjoy since we were kids. But also due to the amazing characters, art and imagination awesomeness and display that this kind of movie usually has.

The nominees were: “My Life as a Zucchini,” Studio Ghibli’s latest “The Red Turtle,” the amazing stop motion from Laika “Kubo and the Two Strings,” and Disney’s “Moana,” and “Zootopia.” Being this last one the one who won the award.

Best original song.

This category is always fun. Especially since music is such a key element of the movies. Who will ever imagine Jaws, Star Wars, Requiem for a Dream or Psycho without it’s iconic theme songs or musical pieces? Also, since one of the most nominated movies of this year was a musical (La La Land), music played a keyrole in this edition.

The nominated songs were: “The Empty Chair” – “Jim: The James Foley Story,” “How Far I’ll Go” – “Moana,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – “Trolls,” and from “La La Land” – “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” and the winner “City of Stars.” That was played by John Legend in the ceremony.

Best director.

The director is one of the most acclaimed roles in the movie industry. Since it’s vision is what you see on screen. Besides, he’s the guy in charge, so it’s also one of the most stressful jobs that there exists.

The nominees were: “Mel Gibson – “Hacksaw Ridge,” Barry Jenkins – “Moonlight,” Kenneth Lonergan – “Manchester by the Sea,” Denis Villeneuve – “Arrival,” and the winner Damien Chazelle for directing “La La Land.”

Best lead actor.

The role many would love to play. Since the story turns around him and by the end of the day he gets the girl and achieves his dream. Besides, it’s the one we suffer along with the whole film, so by the end of it, we have a close and emphatic relationship with him.

The nominees were:  Andrew Garfield – “Hacksaw Ridge,” Ryan Gosling – “La La Land,” Viggo Mortensen (AKA Aragorn) – “Captain Fantastic,” Denzel Washington – “Fences” and Casey Affleck who won for his role as the odd uncle on Manchester by the Sea.

Best lead actress.

Again one of the roles everyone would love to be on. Not only because it’s the prettiest girl you will see in the film. It’s also the most badass one, and again by the end of the movie, she ends up better than before.

The nominees were: Isabelle Huppert – “Elle,” Ruth Negga – “Loving,” Natalie Portman – “Jackie,” Meryl Streep – “Florence Foster Jenkins,” and Emma Stone who not only was the favorite but that also won the category for her role as Mia on “La La Land.”

Best picture.

The most awaited category of the night. As it’s the whole of all the other categories. Also, it’s the story that makes us fall in love with a particular film and with movies in general.

The nominated movies were: Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight. Moonlight won the category under the oddest circumstances. Since it was first said that the winner was La La Land. But it was due to a mistake in the envelopes delivered to the presenters of the awards. Turning it into a ceremony that will surely pass to the history books



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