Mr. Clean New Super Bowl Ad Is Incredibly Clever And So Funny [VIDEO]

And Sexy BTW

Attraction is a complete mystery. As we obsess over certain things, practices, animals, people and so on. Falling for them in a complete way.

This powerful magnetism towards certain stuff is what advertisement uses to fuel sales. From our ideal place or person to be with, to material or more mundane stuff like shoes, we need to become the next sportive star. We get lost in this “shiny things,” but not necessarily in a bad way. Since in a way or other they bring us comfort.

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Falling for someone at Super Bowl 51.

The advertisement uses our fantasies and passions to attract us to their products. One of the days they do this in the most barefaced way is on the night of the Super Bowl. Since this massive event, it’s coming closer some the incredible commercials that the display at the half time, get leaked.

Keeping with the tradition Mr.Clean has pulled an epic commercial for the Super Bowl 51. That will surely will make you fall in love with cleaning.

Love a man who cleans.

Turning cleaning into something attractive isn’t easy at all. Besides the classic sexy girl in the car wash formula. Despite clean and order are necessary it isn’t fun, we all know it. Even order and pulchritude neurotics admit it.

So we must really applaud the twist the guys from Mr.Clean did to this commercial. Not only by creating an attractive way of cleaning but also because they did it with an amazing sense of humor.

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Mr.Clean doing it right.

The commercial shows us how an average housewife tired of the boring cleaning of the house is aided by Mr.Clean. As she fantasies of a sexy routine of cleaning while they go room by room. When at the end of all is simply a fantasy as she daydreams.

Not everything is in vain. Since the whole fantasy starts from the fact that her not so dreamy husband is the one who wants to help her clean. Something that we didn’t expect for his looks. But that really is appreciated as he helps with the boring labors of cleaning. Something that a man that you should really love would do, as he earns a well-deserved kiss at the end.

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