Donald Trump Gets An Amazing Makeover By The GQ People [VIDEO]

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Looks are a very fundamental thing in life. Without getting to the shallow point, they’re your introduction card. So it’s important you have a good presentation. We know that you won’t be dressed to kill 24/7. But you should look good or at least feel good.

All of this without giving away your identity. It’s not that you should quit your punk, rasta, skater or whatever look. Since they form part of who you are. Simply that you should present the best you there is, without losing comfort.

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Trump’s looks.

Someone who has a very iconic look is the new U.S president,  Donald Trump. Who besides that has tons of money to keep it or even improve it. So the real question that many have made: why hasn’t he?

Well since Trump hasn’t taken the first step the guys from GQ took the initiative. As they present in a very simple video how to improve Donald Trump’s presence and looks.

The problem.

Trump’s speech and attitude are not his only problem. As the video from GQ clearly shows Trump could really use a makeover. Giving him not only a better presentation. But also something that goes more with the charge he is occupying. You know, the presidential one.

So in their attempt to give Donald Trump a makeover, they showed some things that they, and many others, would change. Like his nonsense hairstyle, the baggy suit and the uneven sleeves to call some.

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Presidential look makeover.

The video shows how a few simple changes can make Donald Trump look like a person. By simply fixing his tie, sleeves, suit size, and the goddamn hairstyle and bronzer.

With all of this out of the way, he goes from looking like a creepy grandpa from the cast of Jersey Shore. To a decent average business man. A total improvement, that we urge that Trump makes.

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Something else that needs a makeover.

Despite that, Trump finally uses some o his money to do a common good by fixing his looks through this makeover. We know that there are some things that might never change and even are more urgent than his looks.

Since the world would totally love a Donald Trump makeover in his personality. As we could all sleep better at night if he wasn’t a racist, misogynist, homophobic, and so goes on the endless list.

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