This Man Ate 40 Knives, You Won’t Believe What Doctors Did

Doctors Had To Take All The Knives From His Stomach. They Still Can’t Explain Why He Did It.

A 42-year-old man just underwent surgery so doctors could remove the 40 knives he had been swallowing through the past two months. Not even professionals can explain why he did that, but Dr. Maholtra believes he has a rare mental condition.

Jatinder Malhotra, right, displays the 40 knives that were surgically removed from the stomach of police constable Surjeet Singh, as he recuperates in a hospital in Amritsar, India, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016. Image Credit: Online Athens/AP Photo/Prabhjot Gill

“I just enjoyed its taste, and I was addicted…how people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar,” the man stated. But fortunately, he declared himself as a new man and said he was not getting closer to a knife anytime soon.

The surgery performed at Amritsar, Punjab, India lasted approximately 5 hours. Some of the knives were rusty and broken. Some were unfolded as the patient said he swallowed some of them while they were still open. He is still under medical supervision and will not leave the hospital until the psychiatric department authorizes his release.

The father of two is now feeling much better, and we wish him the best.



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