Lorde Gig Was Called Off Due To Weather Conditions At The Lollapalooza

She Took Twitter To Express Herself

Lorde’s set at Lollapalooza was canceled on Thursday due to a weather emergency in Chicago. The singer is just as upset as her fans are. She took to Twitter to express how gutted she was.

Also disappointed by the sudden cancellation was Muse, who also took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Not such a good day

Lollapalooza has many enemies, gate-jumping kids, Chicago curfews, Coachella, but no antagonist looms larger than the very heavens above Lake Michigan.

The first day of Lollapalooza 2017, a four-day festival, came to an early end because of an approaching storm and warnings from the National Weather Service.

The inclement weather on the first night of the festival ultimately cut short performances by Lorde, Muse, Lil Uzi Vert and Porter Robinson.

Even Liam Gallagher had to exit the stage after just three songs, albeit he cited throat issues due to a “difficult gig” the night before.

Soon after the gig’s cancellation, Lorde, in a series of tweets, expressed displeasure over the turn of events. In one tweet, she wrote she had the most spectacular show planned for her fans.

She wrote she was thinking of adding on a club show for her fans who missed out on seeing a full set at Lollapalooza. Lorde also thanked her fans to stay amidst the storm.

Really, not having it

Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse also expressed disappointment on Twitter. He stated he was forced to leave the stage after performing just three songs. He termed the entire episode a “nightmare.”

Muse took to Instagram to address their fans and thank them for their love and support.

The post read: “Very sad Chicago city & police evacuated Grant Park early on in our show tonight due to lightning strikes nearby. We will be back as soon as we can. Thanks to all those that were rocking in the storm. Amazing fans as always.”

This was, however, not the first time Lollapalooza Chicago was canceled. Back in 2015, a thunderstorm forced the organizers to call off the music festival, and in 2012 inclement weather derailed sets.

The only upside to this buzzkill debut is that the annual festival has expanded to four days. There is a lot more music to witness from Chance the Rapper, The Killers, Arcade Fire, Run the Jewels to Rae Sremmurd.

And festival goers already saw Cage the Elephant, Jain, The Middle Kids, Spoon, White Reaper, Wiz Khalifa and, in their brief window, Muse.

Source: IB Times

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