Kendall And Kylie Looked Hot At The Golden Globes After Party

Looking Good Girls

Kendall and Kylie Jenner attended the Golden Globes after party on Sunday and looked as stunning as they always do. This time the sisters decided to twin, getting the same hairstyle and dresses that showed the some leg.

Wearing designer dresses and sparkly accessories they were noticed at the event. They really know how to make an appearance.


You could actually believe they are twins.

The two made everything look so similar including the poses they could totally pass as twin sisters.

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Kendall looked amazing in her mustard dress.

The dress was a Paula Ka gown and her sharpie shoes matched her little sister’s shoes.


Kylie was inspired by her older sister got some Kenny.

Actually, her Labourjoisie dress was inspired by Paris Hilton’s outfit, but it was very similar to the one Kendall wore for her birthday, with the difference of the length of course.


They enjoyed each other’s company.

With their busy schedules, they barely have time to spend with the family. Kendall is traveling around the world focusing on her modeling career and Kylie just got back from a getaway in Mexico, a well-deserved vacation with everything that’s she’s been dealing with lately, including her makeup and clothes collection and the recent inconveniences she struggled with her app.

sister date 👭

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It was good to see those two!




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