Kendall Jenner Had The Most Amazing Birthday Party As Told By Khloé

One Thing Is For Sure, These Girls Now How To Party..

So Kendall Jenner turned 21 and celebrated big time.

You know you party hard when you forget your mom got you a Rolls Royce for your birthday. Well,  Kendall Jenner forgot. Last week Jenner turned 21 and threw the greatest party ever, or at least that’s what we all imagine because it went out of her hands.

Her older sister Khloé went to Jimmy Kimmel’s show and discussed the event. It started just like every other birthday, first a dinner, then the club, and to finish up an after- party.

But when you’re finally legal to drink things can get a little crazy. The supermodel was asked by her mother to go outside of the venue, where a handsome guy gave her the keys to her brand new Rolls Royce. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The day after the party Khloé asked her about the car and she didn’t remember her expensive gift. The pictures of the night are all over social media and that’s how we know the girl had fun.

Jenner looked stunning for her party

That’s the perfect dress to celebrate your birthday.

vintage Paris Hilton vibes

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The whole night was fabulous

Even the decoration was great. The roof was filled with pink balloons.

Jimmy It’s so hard to keep up with the Kardashians because everyday you guys have something going on.”  And they sure do, just take a look at this video from the party.

You can see Kendall enjoying a sip of one of her multiple drinks.

 According to Khloé they went to a club called Delilah

Khloé “There were some crazy celebrations” In this video, you can spot the model rocking some sexy moves.

When you turn 21, there’s not such thing as just one drink.

No wonder she forgot her gift.

The car was a surprise for everyone, including Kendall’s oldest sisters Kourtney and Khloé

“We go outside and there’s a Rolls-Royce and this man standing there. And I was like [to Kris], ‘What’s the gift: the guy or the car?’ I was so confused. And then this guy just hands Kendall a pair of keys to this car. I was like, ‘Do we even know who this guy is?’ He’s some prince and I was like, ‘Is this a joke?”


And Kendall is a really special girl

Khloé “On my 21st birthday I got a dinner and a purse”


Kris must have taken the car with her because Kandall couldn’t handle it

How do you forget a gift like this?


Watch the whole story told by Khloé below:






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