Kylie Jenner Does A Full House Tour Of $6M Mansion

Her Dogs Even Have Their Own Bedrooms

One thing we know about the Kardashian/Jenners is that they have style. From Kim’s clothes to the love of Kourtney for interior design, which little sister Kylie seems to have learned from. The youngest Jenner took snapchat on Wednesday to give us a full house tour around her new house that she decorated.

Kylie has moved twice this year, from a million-dollar-house to another. Her current Hidden Hills home costs $6 million. With lots of rooms and space, the teenager decided to decorate it herself.

As the snapchat queen she is, Jenner gave her fans an exclusive tour through the bedrooms of her fancy and stylish house. It isn’t hard to tell her love for dogs and art, she spread them all over her place.

This gorgeous fireplace belongs to her dog’s room.

We all know how important Norman and Bambi are to Kylie, so it’s not a surprise they have their own room.


You know she’s addicted to dogs when you see them in more than one room.

These greyhound statues look great on the bookshelf.


If you follow her, you know she’s obsessed with having people in. That’s why she has an especial room for her friends.

I’m sure her male friends won’t leave this room, I mean all those Playboy magazines are so cool. What nice detail to let them know she appreciates them.


But if there is one thing she loves is herself.

That’s why she showed us these polaroids of her rocking some poses on her new house.


Kylie has a lot of awesome pics.

Black and white photos of Kris Jenner and Angelina Jolie, what else can you ask for?


Love and art are the things I love the most and so does she. I love her.

This piece of half of a heart is my absolute favorite.


The greatest thing about this house is this gigantic wine cellar.

I would go crazy knowing I have to wait TWO YEARS to legally drink all of those bottles.


You are fab, your life is fab, your house is fab. We want to be you Kylie.



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