Maroon 5 And Jimmy Fallon Pull Street Performing In NYC Subway

They Performed ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ Inside The 50th Street Subway Station

Jimmy Fallon and Maroon 5 surprised fans by performing in an NYC subway station. The incognito performance was a prank part of ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’. Jimmy got into the holiday spirit and shared Thanksgiving epic failures on Wednesday’s installment of ‘The Tonight Show.’

Rocking the NYC subway

Jimmy Fallon took his musical and disguise love one step further, once more time, and surprised New York commuters by performing with Maroon 5 in the subway.

The stars dressed up as rockers and performed ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ inside the 50th Street subway station in the heart of Manhattan.

Jimmy and Adam Levine both wore wigs and fake beards, rendering them unrecognizable to busy subway commuters.

It didn’t take long for fans to identify the stars and then Jimmy revealed their identity.

“We’re gonna do one more song for you guys,” Jimmy said at the end of their song.

“But first I’d just like to say hello, my name is Jimmy Fallon!”

Once the identities were revealed, fans dashed across the platform to watch the singers, and a huge crowd assembled to watch them perform their hit song ‘Sugar’.

Earlier this month, Maroon 5 released their sixth studio album, ‘Red Pill Blues’, which contain the songs ‘What Lovers Do’ and ‘Whiskey’.

As for Jimmy, this isn’t the first time Fallon has pulled this busking prank. Previously, he went undercover with friend Miley Cyrus, to surprise a bunch of rowdy tourists.

Thanksgiving failures, just in the mood

It’s that time of the year again, turkey time! And being honest, Thanksgiving is a time for family bonding and absurd screw-ups in the kitchen!

And Jimmy is well aware of it, so he decided to share some of the responses to the show’s #ThanksgivingFails hashtag, which ranged from chuckle-worthy, to hilariously disgusting, to just downright gross.

The tales included: a malfunctioning chocolate fondue fountain, a family learning what happens when you try to bake a pie sans a pie pan. Also, a grandfather’s dentures falling into the mashed potatoes and another family getting food poisoning from suspiciously leaky turkey.

“One year the turkey still had pink juice coming from it after cooking, but my dad said it was just ‘leg juice,’” read one particularly gross tweet.

“Everybody but me ended up with food poisoning.”

The main takeaway from that story is that you should always use a meat thermometer and never eat anything with “pink juice”! Ew.

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