Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Make Red Carpet Debut At The 2017 Met Gala

They Look Like A Couple Straight Out Of A Movie

On Monday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez made their red carpet debut as a couple on fashion’s most trendy event. The duo attended the Met Gala where they showed us what love looks like. J.Rod mesmerized us with the sweetest romantic gestures. Can they be any cuter?

J.Rod taking the Met Gala by storm

The Met Gala is one of the biggest nights in fashion and it always provides us with unique and quite memorable moments that we fondly cherish, including incredible red carpet debuts.

When it comes to red carpet debuts,  couples are a major thing. And this year’s gala was full of them, we got Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, J.Lo, and A.Rod. After months of being spotted together and going public in March, J.Lo and A.Rod made a proper red carpet debut and it was everything we dreamed of and more.

The couple was all smiles and love as they walked towards the Met Gala. These two are all “only eyes for each other” and they were not shy to repeat this behavior on the red carpet.They both looked stunning and lovely. J.Lo wore a light blue Valentino and lots of diamonds, she even wore gold in her manicure. A.Rod looked classy and handsome in a classic black tuxedo.

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But these two didn’t limit to their looks, they also delivered the cutest moments of the evening. Looking at each other with admiration and nothing but love.Looking and acting like the ultimate idem, we were dying just by looking at them. And then they did it. Well, Alex did it. He showed us how to properly admire and support your lady.

Photographer caught A.Rod taking photos of his lady on the red carpet, and how would he resist? She looked mesmerizing.

He posted on his Instagram,  “Admiring Jennifer doing her thing on the carpet at the #MetGala2017.” OMG.

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From a Cobb salad to moving together

This has been a moved year,  for Jennifer Lopez, including her love life. Earlier in the year, she was linked to Drake after some photos both posted on Instagram, however, she stayed silent about it.

It has been all the way around since we’ve since her with her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The couple first made their relationship public in March and have graced us with beautiful moments filled with matching outfits, holding hands and vacations together.J.Lo opened up about how it all started during The Ellen Degeneres Show aired on April 24. The singer revealed it all started with a Cobb salad and a pedestrian talk.

She said, “It’s very simple. I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him. He passed by. Afterward, I went outside, but for some reason, I felt like tapping him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hi.'”

After some small talk about living in LA they said goodbye, and even when they didn’t exchange phone numbers, the former Yankees slugger already had her info.

She continued, “He [later] texted me, ‘Let’s go out to dinner,’ and I said, ‘OK. We had a nice dinner.” And since then has been a non-stopping love parade.

Not only J.Lo has opened up about her new boyfriend, A.Rod also gushed about his leading lady. He said, “She just likes simple things, she’s a very, very simple person — loves family, is a great sister, is a great daughter.”

They previously met in a baseball game in 2006, and the chemistry was obvious despite J.Lo being with her former husband Marc Anthony.The couple has enjoyed romantic getaways together and even spent Easter together along with their children, J.Lo’s twins, Emme and Max, and J.Rod’s daughters Natasha and Ella.

They spent Easter in the Dominican Republic where they enjoyed an egg hunt along with children, family, and friends. A source told E! News, “Jen and Alex woke up early and had Easter baskets outside lined up on the patio waiting for their kids. They had family and friends over for an egg hunt on the sprawling lawn of the property. Their kids have also really bonded and become good friends. A-Rod’s older daughter, Natasha, is like a big sister to J.Lo’s twins.”

According to Life & Style reported they had already discussed tying the knot. As they have spoken about future, marriage has come up.Now, they are moving together. After seeing how great their children get together the singer decided to go big. The singer asked him to move into her mansion in Bel Air and he agreed.

After seeing how well their children get along, they are taking the first step to becoming a big family. Do please carry on with this adorable relationship because we simply love you both and how you look at each other and match your outfits.

Seems like love is always just a Cobb salad away.

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