The Internet Is Obsessed With Slo-mo Shots Of Hair Buns Dropping

Another Wierd Internet Trend We Just Don’t Understand

Hold on there’s a new trend online, it’s called the “bun drop” and has everyone who watches it completely mesmerized. It’s totally weird like everything you find online. It’s pretty many people with long hair, usually women, dropping it like it’s hot.

Nah, just kidding, it’s just letting a messy bun drop in slow motion, it’s like watching a hair commercial but better because it’s EVERYWHERE, especially on Instagram.

We’ll show you a couple of shots and if you want to see more, just literally tipo bun drop on google and there’ll be million of results, or use the #bundrop on instagram and get ready to get old in front of your phone.

Do you get what I was saying now?


It’s just so oddly satisfying.


So if you wanted to cut your hair, you probably don’t anymore.



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