9 Differences Between Hippies And Hipsters You Need To Know About

Hippies And Hipsters Are Not The Same, But People Tend To Think They Are Very Alike

Hippies, they were all about  free love, psychedelic exploration, and rebellion. They were characterized by a lot of radical thinkers and activist who started a movement. The hippie era started around the 60s and weed was important part of the whole movement, and even doctors like Dr. Lester Grinspoon started talking about the therapeutical use. Even though you might think otherwise, hippies and hipsters have a lot of similarities, most hipsters and hippies considered themselves artists, and are a gigantic counter-culture.

Hipsters are not very far from weed either, in the era of technology where cannabis culture have been growing a lot the past few years, just look at the numbers, there has been a jump from 12% of the population to 44% from 1969 to 2016, and even though there are a variety of reasons, internet has play a big part. Anyway, we decided to bring you 9 differences between hipster and hippies so enjoy!

1. Naming.

A real hipster will never consider himself or herself a hipster, if she/he does, then they’re not hipsters. Instead hippies did considered themselves hippies.

hipsters vs hippies

2. Clothing

Hipsters normally dress with skinny jeans (super skinny), white V t-shirts or plaid shirts, hippies on the other hand were craaazy about tie-dye.


3. Music festivals

This is very simple, EDM music and raves replaced Woodstock.


4. The vision:

With hipsters, the world keeps everyone in line, setting the standard everyday for what’s cool and new and trendy. With hippies is very different, they had a way of living with non-violence, peace and spreading love.

hipster vs hippie
Via: Behance / Marlyn Garcia

5. Social media

This is very basic, even though internet didn’t exist in the 60s, I don’t think hippies would go around taking selfies or glorifying food through social networks, hipster live for the selfies, instagram and a need to “share” their experiences with the world.


6. Food

Hipsters are OBSESSED with food, gluten free, sugar free everything. Even foods get trendy with hipster, kale everything is also a thing.

Via: Dailymail

7. Reputation.

Let’s be honest, everybody now days love hippies but everyone hates hipsters.


8. Social.

Most hippies were hardcore activists who usually ended up in jail for protesting, hipsters just really don’t care.


9. Art.

Hipster are all into minimalist art hippies liked Psychedelic Art with fluorescent colors.

1960s Psychedelic Art



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