Does Hollywood Hate The Easter Bunny? Find Out Here

Lets Take A Look At This Enigma

When it comes to Easter time, children are bananas crazy looking for the Easter eggs the bunny diligently hid. However, we see no movie of this hard-working character on tv and let’s not talk about theaters, why?

Is it possible that Hollywood hates the Easter bunny and we haven’t even stopped and think about it? Well, let’s have a look at this big enigma.

The Hollywood silence treatment.

Hollywood has a bunch of movies portraying every kind of magical or mythological creature, from leprechaun to mermaids or fairies. And if we talk about holidays, it’s pretty much the same. There’s Christmas movies, Valentine’s Day movies, Mother’s Day. Even Labor days is portrayed in some movie.

It’s only natural to think that Hollywood hates the Easter Bunny since there’s pretty much nothing about him. However Hop, which is pretty much the Easter bunny, creators have a theory.

They think the problem relies on the holiday rather than the Bunny itself. “I think because Easter is still considered more…of a religious holiday than just a holiday of fun…it just doesn’t have that sort of universal spirit of fun and magic that Christmas has or Halloween,” Cinco Paul said.

easter bunny
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Give him a movie, please.

The mystery surrounding the Bunny is also kinda against him, since we barely know nothing about him is pretty difficult to pin him and imagine him in a specific way.

However, William Joyce, author of The Guardians of Childhood books, thinks this is intentional. The author thinks the Easter bunny is kinda indie and is not up for the world catching up with him and snapping everything he does, instead he prefers to work and improve things.

“I don’t think he likes that cute, fuzzy little bunny [caricature] at all because he’s actually quite tall and rather regal,” said the author. According to Joyce, the Bunny is a badass bunny focused on meeting the deadline and working to make children happy.

However, this mystery around him could perfectly work to get creative and portray him in a cool movie. This would only be fair, the Easter bunny brings so much joy and he really is an artist taking care of his craft. This also makes him not at all hateable, how could Hollywood hate an artist?

So, pretty please, just like you gave Leo an Oscar, give the bunny a well-deserved movie.

easter bunny
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