He Had A Failed Vasectomy And Surprised His Wife With Pregnancy Test

Sometimes Life Can Be A Little Unexpected, Literally

Tim Brummel is a father of three – soon to be four – and Rachel’s husband. The couple was not planning on having any more kids, so he had a vasectomy performed, but it failed. For those of you how don’t know, a vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization.

Image Credit: Tim Brummel

Tim never got his 5-month checkup results and let it pass by, but he sure wasn’t expecting that the procedure had been unsuccessful.

Rachel started feeling a little weird and acting “a little pregnant” but they were positive that pregnancy was not an option. However, Tim decided to double check and ask for his late results. He was amused as he heard that the surgery didn’t go as planned, and so it was possible for Rachel to be expecting.

After some strategic moves, he managed to prove his wife was carrying his fourth baby without her knowledge and decided to tell her with nothing but some flowers, a card, and a hidden pregnancy test. The best part? He filmed the whole thing!

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Source: The Daily News



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