Hayao Miyasaki Comes Out Of Retirement For One Last Film

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Studio Ghibli is one of the most popular animation houses in the world and has given us incredible and beautiful films and characters like Chihiro, Totoro or Kiki.

This Japanese studio is not only one of the best known but as well one with the highest grossing in Japan and one of the most awarded. Besides, they’ve done their job so well that they form part of every animation or art fan’s mind, and have gone so far, that they form part of pop culture.

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Hayao Miyazaki steps out of retirement for a brand new movie.

Even though the Japanese filmmaker has been retired since 2013, when he gave the official announcement. He wanted to hand Ghibli’s production to the younger staff so he could focus on other projects, like the Studio Ghibli museum or illustrating manga. He is back for a final film.


It would be Miyazaki’s first and last movie made in CGI animation. Miyazaki was working on a CG short called Boro the Caterpillar (Kemushi no Boro), set to be shown at Tokyo’s Studio Ghibli museum, but as a perfectionist, he was unhappy with how the film out turned and plans to develop it into a full-length project. Miyazaki was struggling to adapt to the techniques of CGI animation after a lifetime of hand-drawn films but his ethics weren’t going allow him to leave a work badly finished.

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Here we leave you with Studio Ghibli’s top 5 movies

5. Tale of Princess Kaguya

The simple this belongs to the top 5 is because of the art. An entire movie hand-drawn in aquarelle should be in every person that loves beauty top’s list. It not only shows a traditional Japanese story but as well Ghibli’s and Miyazaki’s, as well as their artisanal work trademark


4. Whisper of the Heart.

The way this movie portraits and its understanding of young people is amazing. The characters and the movie grow up as in a way the spectator does it too. It explores adolescence in a tender way.


3. Princess Mononoke.

A historical and fantasy epic where we see nature vs greed, and it’s one of those movies in wich you keep discovering things as you watch it over and over. Being one of the studio’s earliest works it still stands tall as one of their best movies


2. My Neighbor Totoro.

A magical trip in the country hanging around with fuzzy forest spirits. As well it approaches the way children experience tragedy (or the possibility of it) in a fantastic way, it always keeps it’s happy and childish mood that makes you look everything in the world with wonder.


1. Spirited Away.

Studio Ghibli’s Oscar winner, the highest grossing film with over 290 million U.S.$ and most known and popular movie of all. A bit of Alice in Wonderland in it. Themes the old vs the new world, as well as superstition and hard work, are key to making a person grow up.



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