Twitter Users Break The Internet Celebrating Harambe Anniversary

Harambe Was The #1 Meme In The United States Last Year

A year has passed since Harambe. Since the tragedy that had a gorilla killed and since the start of one of the most famous memes of all times. The reason why the gorilla became a famous meme is something we don’t know, and many won’t understand. Still, the date and all referent to the gorilla have turned up the internet upside down.

Due to the awkward anniversary, many have been the reactions online. For some it has been a sincere commemoration and concern, for some, it has been the same through the memes. While others have simply made fun of the whole thing.

Image Credit: Eula Ray

Cincinnati Zoo and Harambe Anniversary

The Zoo that worked as a home for the (in)famous Harambe hasn’t really made any statements or public events planned to commemorate the gorilla. As it has been one-year anniversary the zoo’s dangerous-animal response team concluded the life of the animal. After a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure last May 28th, where the 17-year-old Harambe took him. Leading to a delicate situation that led to team shooting him down.

This obviously led to global mourning, criticism and somehow satires that made him a pop culture phenomenon. Keeping Harambe alive through several internet jokes, comments, and memes. Regarding the Zoo, they’re looking ahead to an expanded Gorilla World exhibit in June. The Cincinnati Zoo’s latest sensation has been Fiona, a hippo born prematurely in January. Zoo officials say the strong positive response towards Fiona has helped a healing process after Harambe’s death.

The internet blowing up

Obviously, the anniversary of Harambe’s death was of big importance for trolls and the internet jokers. As the late gorilla becoming a part of internet culture. According to Google Trends, Harambe was the No. 1 meme in the United States last year. Even 5% of Americans voted for Harambe in a poll ahead of the presidential election last November. Now, on its anniversary even a “telepathic animal communicator,” called Pea Horsley has contacted Harambe. Something that we don’t know still if it’s a joke or not.

On Sunday, Twitter users came together to remember the late gorilla, also in a humorous way. Sharing countless tributes and memes. “Harambe died a year ago today and the whole world went to hell since”. Another added, “One year ago today, a legend was taken from us… Rest easy champ, we miss you Harambe”. Many users also left comments on the Cincinnati Zoo Twitter, replying to every post with a comment regarding Harambe.


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