Govt Teachers Exposed As Charging £95 Per Hour To Teach Students On Zoom

Govt Teachers Exposed As Charging

Investigations revealed that UK government teachers are charging as much as £95 per hour to teach students various students over Zoom. While many of the teachers claim that the country is in lockdown and that school is not officially in session at the moment, taking advantage of the lockdown to earn money on the side as teachers are illegal and a flagrant disregard of government regulations if they do this during a school day.

Funny enough, most parents do not mind forking out the money given that they do not want their children to lag behind in their educational pursuits as a result of the lockdown. They are eager to pay any amounts so that their children will not miss out on any academic studies; and they don’t care whether it is proper to pay teachers to moonlight during the school day or not so far their children get the goods.

A discreet investigation on Tutor Hunt showed that many English and Mathematics teachers charge between £30 to £95 per hour to teach students over Zoom. A few said they are only available to work outside school hours while many others said they are free to work within school hours, and yet some said they could work whenever the students want. Those that would work during school hours said moonlight over Zoom would not conflict with their normal school jobs.

“Yes I’m able to do school hours depending on time and day,” said Pavan, a maths teacher at a Birmingham secondary school. “I teach via Zoom. One-to-one at GCSE is £35. I am going into school but not every day – we are on a rota basis – some days from home some from school. So Wednesday/Thursday will work well for me. My tutor times would be school day but after my teaching hours are over.”

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, stated that moonlighting during school hours the way the teachers are going about is wrong and unacceptable despite the lockdown situation. He said taking advantage of the lockdown this way “is an outrageous abuse of lockdown.”

“Teachers can’t take on additional contracts of work for any time they are required to be available for work with their school,” a spokesperson for the Department for Education. “We would expect headteachers to appropriately manage their teachers’ workloads while they are working from home.”

According to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, schools will reopen in September even though many in the opposition kick against the announcement. And in the United States, a schoolteacher highlighted things to know before schools are reopened again.


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