FIFA 17’s Rainbow Kit Provokes Homophobic Outrage In Russia

Back In The 7th Century Or Something

Video games are awesome, no doubt about it. And if you’re a guy or simply love sports you know the FIFA titles are one of the best. As well is one of the highest selling games each year. Since it allows worldwide soccer fans to do what they’ve always wanted: control each and every aspect of the game they love. You can make your dream team, dream transfers, trash your rival or simply take your favorite team to glory. In a simple silly way, it allows us to be God. Soccer God.

Since we as humans are more primitive than we realize, we want to be the mightiest God of all. So we have the online features to compete with others and simply have the personal satisfaction of being considered the best. The way in which we compete, and E.A gets all our money is FIFA’s Ultimate team.


Rainbow shirt.

In Ultimate Team you build your team in every aspect. You need to get the players, the manager, and the uniform. And FIFA in their most recent version (FIFA 17) have released a Rainbow shirt in support to the LGBT community.

Attacking initiative.

The initiative was released until November 28th, teaming up the English Premier League’s promotion of the Rainbow Laces campaign. Made by a UK charity wich encourages the inclusion of LGBT community in sports.

Image Credit: Daily Mail
Image Credit: Daily Mail

High possession and inclusion.

This is not the first time FIFA has tried to include more elements and diversity to the game. Not only on the modes that the gamers can experience but as well in the aspects they can enjoy. Last year in their past title the game included feminine international football/soccer teams.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Counter attack.

Sadly the reception of many persons hasn’t been positive. Past and present year due to the inclusion of this aspect in the game. The past year was misogynist and now homophobic. But in a particular way, this addition in the game has created a buzz in a specific country: Russia.


Russian game.

The polemic and negative response have had an especial strength and debating point in Russia since from 2013 there is a law against gay propaganda or “non-traditional family values” in the European country. And politicians of that nation, as well as tons of persons, have taken the time to criticize the game’s initiative.


Dirty game.

The politicians have complained to the state’s communications regulator asking to investigate if the pro-LGBTQ campaign is not violating with Russian law. United Russia MP Irina Rodnina, a former gold medal-winning figure skater, has stated that she wants authorities to “verify the possibility of distributing this game on the territory of the Russian Federation. (…) Every state has its internal laws and order; they need to be obeyed,” she told the newspaper.


Politicians are definitely not happy about it

As well Communist MP Valery Rashkin said he wants authorities to order EA Sports to “introduce changes to the programming code or the age classification of this information product, and if it refuses, adopt corresponding restrictive measures”.


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