Emma Watson’s Idea For A ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Sequel Might Be What We Need

Kind Of Hermione Meets Belle

Emma Watson has the best idea for a Beauty and the Beast sequel! The actress revealed on Friday that she’s down for bringing back the tale as old as time.

Beauty and the Beast was a massive box office. Which is why it’s only natural that Disney wants to continue the story on screen.

Belle meets Hermione, kind of

During the Tribeca’s premiere of her movie with Tom Hanks, The Circle, Emma Watson revealed her wonderful idea a Beauty and the Beast Sequel.

When Access Hollywood asked her about the fan demand for a sequel, she said she wasn’t aware of it but wasn’t shy in expressing her enthusiasm.

She said, “I would LOVE to do a sequel. Yes!” Then she revealed her idea for a plot that is like Hermione and Belle coexist in the same universe.

She added, “I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village.”

And she’s not the only one on board for continuing the tale as old as time. This past week Dan Stevens, the Beast, said he’s opened to offers for a Beauty and the Beast sequel, he also said he would “kind of like to bring the Beast back.”

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There’s a sea of endless possibilities

The Beauty and the Beast live-action movie was a massive blockbuster earning over $1.1 billion. The movie topped the success of previous Jungle Book and Cinderella.

Emma was overwhelmed by the success of the movie and said, “It has been crazy. I mean, I hoped that the movie would do well, but this has been insane. Like completely beyond all of my wildest dreams and expectations. I’m just so grateful.”

Given the success, it seems only natural that the Mouse House considers exploring the story. This exploration of the story could be a sequel of the Watson and Stevens ‘ story, as they’re down for it.

But it could also be a prequel or a spin-off if the team wants to come with original new content. Whether they decided to go forward or explore backwards it will sure be as good as this year’s massive hit.

The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast was directed by Bill Condon who introduced his work to new characters and even new songs, the Beast’s Evermore, composed by original composer Alan Menken.

This way Condon explored new nuances of the hairy character wich could continue on the sequel, prequel or spin-off. So exciting!

Emma Watson teases the possibility of a Beauty And The Beast 2
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