You’ll Not Believe How Demi Moore Lost Her Front Teeth

“I’d Love To Say It Was Skateboarding Or Something Really Kind Of Cool”

On Monday, Demi Moore made a surprising revelation on The Tonight Show when she admitted she’s missing her front teeth.

The actress made the appearance as part of the promotion of her new movie Rough Night.

Blame it on the stress

The actress made the revelation after host, Jimmy Fallon, complimented her on how gorgeous she looked. He mentioned that the actress had sent him a photo that’s “the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.”

Then, he held up a picture that showed Moore smiling at the camera, with her two front teeth missing.

“I sheared off my front teeth, lost I’d love to say it was [from] skateboarding or something really kind of cool.” But it wasn’t.

The actress went on explaining what caused loss of her teeth. “I think it’s literally, probably after heart disease, one of the biggest killers in America, which is stress. Stress sheared off my front tooth. But, in an effort to get ready for you, I wanted to make sure my teeth were in.”

On Tuesday the actress clarified a bit more about the story. Moore confirmed in a statement to Page Six that she did lose two teeth, but that “they happened a year apart.”

The actress also spoke about losing a front tooth on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2010, using very similar language to describe the experience.

Demi Moore
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Talking about a Rough Night and difficult times.

Moore is currently promoting her new movie, Rough Night, which she stars along with Scarlett Johanson, Kate McKinnon, and Colton Hayes. 

The actress, who just makes a guest appearance in the movie praised the movie director Lucia Aniello.

“Lucia is so extremely talented and creative. Tonight’s the icing on the cake — the fact that it turned out so great,” she said.

However, the crazy bachelorette party went wrong the movie portrays, it’s far from being Demi’s real life cause of stress.

Earlier this month, Demi Moore fired back against allegations that she is in part responsible for the death of a man who drowned in her pool two years ago.

In new court documents Moore,  claims that 21-year-old Edenilson Steven Valle’s own negligence caused his death.

In July 2015, Valle was found dead at the bottom of Moore’s pool after a small party at her Los Angeles home.

According to the lawsuit, the party was organized by Moore’s personal assistant and another individual. The actress was not at home at the time.

Authorities didn’t suspect foul play in the incident and determined the death to be accidental.

Initially, Valle’s parents, Jorge and Maria, filed a wrongful-death suit against TreeHouse Trust, which owns the property, as well as Moore’s personal assistant and another individual, who threw the party together. Moore was added to the complaint in May.

The Valle family is seeking damages of more than $25,000.

Demi Moore
Via People

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